Story Prompts: Technology Edition

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It’s been a strange couple of years, and it’s changed how we utilize and perceive technology. On that note, here are some wild plot bunnies to chase. Don’t worry. They don’t run too fast.


You get a new phone number, and a stranger sends texts to the person who used to have it. It’s lockdown. You’re bored. You want to see how long it takes the stranger to realize they aren’t talking to their friend anymore. How does this go wrong? Is the stranger dangerous? Are you?


A window pops up in the bottom corner of your computer screen. At first you think it’s just an update reminder, and you dismiss it without stopping to read. But it keeps coming back, and when you actually absorb what it says, your blood runs cold. What does it say?


Every time you put in your headphones, you could swear your hear something (crying/whispering/etc.) under the music, but when you stop the playlist, it’s gone. What’s going on?


Your dog won’t stop barking at your new tv, even (especially) when it’s off. What do you discover?


Online orders keep showing up at your door. You didn’t order a single one, but they always have exactly what you need. What do they hold and what’s the story behind their arrival?


An alert on your phone’s home security app wakes you up. What’s the most horrifying thing you could see on the camera?


The world’s weirdest spammer keeps sending you disturbingly personal messages. It keeps getting worse. What makes you realize you’re in danger?


You find a new channel on YouTube. You enjoy the vids, but then they start getting weird. What’s so strange about them, and why do you feel personally involved?


Your best friend Facetimes you in the middle of the night. There’s something terrible in her house. What is it, and what do you do?


When you log onto Zoom for school, you join the wrong classroom. It’s wrong in so many ways. What’s happening?


As you study travel websites, planning your next vacation, you find references to an amazing little town in a remote location. It isn’t overrun by other tourists, it looks gorgeous, and you start Googling. As you use Google streetview, though, you realize there is something off. What do you notice, or notice is missing?


An emergency alert pops up on your phone, but doesn’t offer any context. How do you figure out what’s happening, especially if – for whatever reason – you can’t leave your house.


A package – addressed to you – from an online retailer you’ve never heard of arrives at your door. It has something in it (food, tool, etc.) that promises something you’ve always wanted. Do you use it? What happens if you do or don’t?

Which of these ideas sound fun? Have you written or read anything like them before? Share your own prompts and insights with other writers below!

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