Suggested reads: 19 Fantasy eBooks to Discover This Week

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19 new Fantasy eBooks to read right now - Inkitt

For those of you who are addicted to fantasy eBooks and want to discover new novels by up-and-coming authors, we’ve put together a list with the 19 novels we’re reading right now and love. Check them out FOR FREE on Inkitt this week:

1. Token Huntress, a Fantasy/Romance novel by Kia Carrington-Russell

The sun’s light dimmed many centuries before; now, in the year of 2341, rampant vampires stalk their victims in a half-lit world. Humanity has been overtaken by a new society: one comprised of vampires, the supernatural beings that hunt them, and the remaining humans they fight over.

2. Secrets on the Walls,  a Fantasy/Adventure novel by Lauren Massuda

Follow the thrilling tale of two sisters plunged into a world within a world, as they delve deeper into their fantasy to uncover the truth.

3. The Outlander War: Book Three of the Forever Avalon Series, a Fantasy/Adventure novel by Mark Piggott

An island frozen in space and time, forgotten lands of old, the threat of extinction and one man to save them all. Join the adventure in the gripping finale to The Forever Avalon series.

4. Blackrock, a Fantasy/Thriller novel by sammi85

Dragged into a world of witchery and ancient curses, Kasey suddenly has more than her school plans to worry about. Embark on this fantasy thriller and you might uncover more than you bargained for.

5. Escape From The Witch Hunters, a Fantasy/Romance novel by Elizabeth Pau

Who can you turn to when all that you know is a faded memory? Will Evelyn escape the imminent threat and be safe in the charger of her rescuer or are things much more sinister and the enemies much closer than she thought?

6. Second to the right,  a Fantasy/Adventure novel by Zach Neuman

Some things never change, some men never die and some boys never grow up. Prepare yourself for the true origin of Peter Pan.

7. Book One: Knight’s Festival, a Fantasy/Adventure novel by Katherine Baskerville

Outcast and betrayed, will our heroine overcome impossible feats and regain her honour? The fantasy adventure that will make you beg for more.

8. Destiny – Book One in The Bomcard Trilogy, a Fantasy/Action novel by Anthony La Riccia

What happens when you discover you’re not only from another world but must also return to it and defeat a great evil before your world gets involved? Ask Lucas, who must save two worlds from a great evil.

9. George and  The Dragon, a Fantasy/Adventure novel by P Chadwick

Set in medieval England, this is a tale of lords and ladies, knights and dragons, and an evil fairy queen. 

10. The Knowing Ones, a Fantasy/Romance novel by Lisa Aldridge

At 17 she faked her own death to escape an arranged marriage. She found Marko and The Knowing Ones found her. Adriana has an unusual ability: She has the power to stop the curse or make it worse!

11. Mark of The Sorcerer, a Fantasy/Adventure novel by Mason Garcia

On a demon-infested Earth, sorcerers stand as humanity’s only defence. With war looming on the horizon, Alastair and his companions must make their choices and face their destinies.

12. Newborn City Series: Affinity for Pain, a Fantasy/Romance novel by R.E. Johnson

Confused and hunted, an unlikely pair of killers must unite in a manner much more intimate than they know if they’re to survive in a world of brutality. Only together can they prevail.

13. Satellite, a Fantasy/Adventure novel by Lee Davidson

The captivating first entry in a trilogy for young and old alike, Grant Bradley’s journey to becoming a guardian angel is rife with unrequited love, shocking twists, and a fascinating new world.

14. The 12 Placebos, a Fantasy/Mystery novel by Maolsheachlann Mac Diarmada

Follow the records of a drunk Londoner through a fantastical tale of love mystery and indulgence.

15. Elemental, a Fantasy/Drama novel by Ashheart15

A life that’s going nowhere, unlimited power but no way to use it; Sebastian must embark on a journey to understand the true meaning of his life but he can’t do it alone.

16. Velvet Redemption, a Fantasy/Action novel by C.M. Lanning

His girlfriend’s blood on his hands, a failed suicide attempt on his head and a deal with a demon. Justin Pierce must embark a warpath to redemption and nothing will stand in his way.

17. The Speaker, a Fantasy novel by Sandra Leigh

The epic adventure of a Native American girl with the ability to converse with animals, yet something much more powerful awaits her off the reservation, something she will have to find herself.

18. The Trouble With Super, a Fantasy novel by KeithBarrett

Three underachievers with super-human abilities. One’s drowning in work, another’s making a quick score and the last is morbidly obese. They must fight the age-long struggle of simply being happy.

19. The Rainbow Dancer, a Fantasy novel for children by Allan Hirsch

Jump down the rabbit hole and follow Asia on her journey through something much larger than a child’s imagination.

That’s all from us, happy reading and let us know your thoughts!


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