Summer Writing Reflections

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Today is officially the first day of summer, and I’ve been looking forward to it like I did back in elementary school; as in, counting down the days. After the past year and a half of covid, lockdowns, masks, fears, and everything closed—I’m ready to bust out and enjoy the world again. I will say that 2020 and the winter of 2021 were helpful for writing. There was no competition for my “spare time,” and it was such a relief to be able to disappear into another world. But now, I’m looking to take advantage of the reopening, even if that’s not ideal for my work. For what it’s worth, read on to find out how I’m going to handle summer writing.

Friends and Family Tour

Our son’s grandparents—in fact, all of our relatives—live out of state. That means we’ve missed out on visiting with them for the past year. Nobody is getting any younger, and these times together are so important for all of us. That’s why our family is prioritizing spending as much time as possible with family (especially grandparents) this summer. We’re taking long trips to my home state and my husband’s. We’re enjoying hanging around the house with our loved ones. I’m telling myself to live in the moment and not worry about not getting any work done. If covid has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate the time we have with friends and family. I’m not on deadline. What’s a couple of weeks?

Ticket to Fly

Besides seeing family, I’ve missed travel. I’m sure we all have, but I felt pretty bullish back in March about the improving vaccination rate in the US, so I booked us a few trips for fun. (We had flight miles accrued that were just waiting to be spent!). Our son is at a prime time for family vacations and exploration, and while we can do it, we want to go, go, go! I’m hopeful that all of our destinations will be reopened by the time our bookings come around. No, I won’t be doing any writing on those trips either. I’m going to live in the present and be happy for the opportunities I have.

So…What about Writing?

I’ve woken up thinking about my WIP each morning for the past three days in a row. That’s sort of a sign it’s on my mind. I’m at a crossroads with it though. I thought it was done and sparkling, but I’ve been relieved of that notion by my agent, lol. I’m not sure if I should forge ahead with the revisions it needs to *maybe* go somewhere or if I should cut my losses. I thought I loved it. I thought it was the one. But now I’m not so sure. What I think I’m going to do is revise the first fifty pages in the weeks between my travel this summer, think on it, and make decisions in the fall. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, happy writing or happy travel or happy seeing people again. No matter how you spend it, I hope summer is as good as the ones you had as a kid!

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