Summer Shores and Writing Goals

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We all can agree that the summer months always seem to fly by way too fast. Suddenly you blink, it’s the end of August, and that fall chill is coming in hot (well, brisk). There’s lots of stuff to do (especially this year with everything finally reopening), and you might find yourself feeling a bit guilty about abandoning your work. So how can you possibly enjoy summer to the fullest without forgetting about your writing goals? This week, Inkitt writer Angelina is here to share her best tips for nourishing your soul right alongside your word count in the fresh air and sunshine.

1. Change up your location during the summer.

This one is simple – just get away from your desk. Bring your laptop to the beach, the park, or the backyard. As long as it remains free of sand or water, there’s no reason why you can’t get work done while enjoying the warm weather. In fact, I’d even argue that your word count will skyrocket as a result. Sometimes, a new venue will allow you to think in new ways, attacking your plot holes from angles you never would have figured out from your typical writing cave. Plus, there’s something really healing and meditative about watching the waves roll in while breathing salt air. Do this as often as you can, and watch your mood (and your productivity) improve right before your eyes.

2. Cut yourself some slack.

Unless you have some hard deadline you have to hit for a publisher, let yourself play hooky more often than not. It’s not this nice out most of the year, so you’ve got to enjoy it with your loved ones. If you spend the summer watching your life happen through a window, I promise you’ll regret it. Sure – sometimes, it’s horrendously humid and gross out, and air conditioner is your best friend. But otherwise, get out, stretch those legs, roast some marshmallows, and live it up. Your books will thank you – and so will your family and friends.

3. Try another concept for the summer.

Summer is a great time to try new things – so why not apply the same logic to your writing as well? If there’s a short story concept you’ve been dying to try out, or your pet project publishing poetry pamphlets is calling your name, answer it. Sometimes the things that you feel the most naturally drawn to are prominent in your mind for a reason. And they just might flow better than you thought this time of year. 

4. Lean on your team.

Have any writer friends who are also struggling to be productive (or, at least, productively lazy) during these warmer months? Throw a backyard writing party. Invite everyone over with their laptops and welcome brainstorming, feedback, and collaboration. Booze is optional; ideas are mandatory. Before you know it, you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with, and all the confidence to carry them through. If you’re having trouble meeting friends who also love putting words on a page, read this recent article HERE.

5. Be unabashedly yourself and ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

This rule of thumb applies regardless of the time of year, but I think it sums up everything here pretty well too. Do what you love, and watch how your writing thrives. After all, the best writing comes from the things we know. So try new things, and then write about them. Living life to the fullest goes hand-in-hand with writing stories that resonate with readers. So if the social and emotional benefit of taking more vacation days doesn’t motivate you, just think of it as “market research”. Sometimes, labels make all the difference – and by the end of the summer, you’ll have enough new material to fill a whole bookshelf. 

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