The Fundamentals of Fiction: ‘The Martian’ Editor Educates and Empowers with Inkitt’s Free Novel Writing Boot Camp

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Inkitt’s commitment to empowering aspiring authors across the globe has fused with the novel-writing genius of Bryan Thomas Schmidt, editor of The Martian, to produce an inspirational new Novel Writing Boot Camp, accessible to all and free of charge! This novel and online course are created by Schmidt, award-nominated editor and nationally renowned author himself, and are designed to help you take control of your literary future. Starting now.

At Inkitt, we understand the challenge of developing a novel from the seeds of an idea scribbled in a notebook to a bestselling phenomenon that readers can’t put down or stop talking about. In this day and age, producing a best-selling novel requires more than just words on a page, and it can be a daunting prospect for many readers to succeed in all stages of the creative process.

From editing an eclectic range of fiction, including Andy Weir’s double-award-winning Sci-Fi hit The Martian, to publishing his own compelling stories in magazines, anthologies and online, Schmidt is a versatile literary talent. We are incredibly excited to share his novel-writing advice with our readers. Inkitt’s Founder and CEO, Ali Albazaz, commented: “To be working closely with someone like Bryan is a hugely significant step for Inkitt. His experience and knowledge are unrivalled and his insights are an invaluable resource for writers of all ages and skill levels.”  

Schmidt’s unmissable free guide, How to Write A Novel, is helpfully broken down into 10 chapters, accompanying you on your journey from plotting to promoting your story. For the visual learners, 10 video lessons will be available alongside a copy of Schmidt’s illuminating book, in order to teach you the principles of organizing, writing, editing, and marketing a novel. This enlightening process is also an interactive one; an accompanying workbook will enable you to take notes as you learn, while community discussions after every lesson will allow you to engage with fellow students and get those creative sparks flying through conversation.

Whether you’re a writer just beginning your career, an experienced author who wants to brush up on certain aspects of the process, or simply someone eager to learn at their own pace, this course is for you! We are proud to make Schmidt’s invaluable advice available to all, and we hope that it inspires all readers, regardless of background or previous experience, to reach for their literary goals and realise their creative potential.

As Schmidt himself says, “I promise you won’t regret it.”

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