The Rising Success of Erin Swan’s Sky Rider Series

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The Sky Rider Series: The Rising Sun and Bright Star are two highly-addictive YA Fantasy novels written by Erin Swan which are available on Inkitt. Both novels achieved a very high read-rank based on Inkitt’s algorithm which analyzes reading patterns. Erin’s first novel The Rising Sun won Inkitt’s Hidden Gems writing contest and paved the way for Erin’s writing career. The popularity of the series continues to grow and the success of both novels has clearly marked the beginning of something great.

The novels are stand-alone novels even though both are set in the fantasy land of Paerolia. They do not have to be read in order and Bright Star is the first to be published by Tor Books, which is an imprint of Macmillan Publishers.

Erin was born in the small farm town of Lakeview, Oregon, and was raised in the United States Air Force. Erin’s passion for reading and writing began at a young age and this love has guided much of her life. She received a Bachelor’s in English from Brigham Young University and later pursued careers in writing, editing and the marketing industry. She never gave up on writing fiction and wrote in every spare moment she had.

“The support I received from the Inkitt community was overwhelming and invaluable to the journey of writing the Sky Rider series,” says author Erin Swan.

You can read both of her novels on Inkitt for a limited time:

The Rising Sun

The war between humans and elves has torn the land of Paerolia apart for nearly 500 years. Half human and half elf, Eliana, rejected for her bloodline is entrusted with the care of a golden dragon egg and must seek sanctuary in the elven city. She discovers an ancient prophecy that foretells the end of the Great War, and dubs her as the saviour. With her dragon Oriens and the elf Caelum, can Eliana unite two warring races and fight to bring peace to the land again?

Bright Star

The story follows Andra, a slave, who is thrown headlong into a life she never imagined after a chance meeting with Kael, the leader of a rebellion. Andra must discover the strength that has always been within her and fight to win back what fate kept beyond her reach – a dragon that should have been her own, and a man whose heart she can never hope to win.

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    This is so awesome! Congrats to Erin Swan! Your stories definitely deserve this success!