The Writer Starter Pack: 7 Creative Prompts to Break the Block

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No matter how great a writer you are, how energized you feel in the morning, or even if you are the most creative person ever born, writer’s block will catch up with you sooner or later. At one time or another, you’ll find yourself staring at a white screen unable to write your first sentence.

Rachel Pearson, a writer at a custom essays service speaks about this problem: ‘’There is one thing I tell every student who needs to write papers – it can happen to anyone. It happens to me, to my colleagues, and to those writers who finish bestsellers faster than you can read their last one. A writer’s block is a natural process. At the end, the best writer is that who knows how to beat it.’’

All writers develop a bag of tricks to help break their block. Here are seven excellent ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1.  Speak the truth.

Instead of fiction, why not try and tell a story from your life or about yourself? Change the names, and perhaps the events, and bring your best “true” stories to life.

2.  Travel.

You don’t have to hop on a plane! Thanks to technology, you can find some extraordinary places or do a quick search on Google Maps and simply look around. Use what you see as an inspiration for your story and remember – there are no limits. A picture is worth a thousand words.

3.  Use your spam mail.

This is a brilliant strategy, even though it might sound funny to begin with. We all receive spam emails and avoid them at all costs, but what if you could make use of those boring e-mails? Take the most interesting e-mail and try turning it into a story.

4.  Invent a life for people you’ve lost touch with.

At some point in your life, you’ve crossed paths with people whom you no longer keep in touch with. Take the opportunity to imagine where their life’s path may have taken them. You already have the beginning of the story. Now you can make up the ending!

5.  Eavesdrop on others.

Sit down at a restaurant, a coffee bar, or a bench in the park and eavesdrop. As silly as this sounds, you can find great inspirations in the lives of others. Listen to conversations. Use them as a place to start.

6.  Rewrite the past.

Find a topic from the past, see it from a completely different point of view, and turn it into a new history! Give an old story a new twist.

7.  What if?

Star with a question like, “What if I lost everything?” or “What if I was stuck on an island?” or “What if you could go back in time and change one thing?” The “what if” possibilities are endless and can spark your storytelling if you’re stuck.

Inspiration is everywhere!  Sometimes you just need a few tricks to get your creativity flowing.

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