Time to Celebrate: 1 Million Members!

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It is time to celebrate here at Inkitt, because we are now home to a community of one million members! This is a huge milestone in our mission to help every aspiring author achieve their dreams and to open up imaginative worlds for readers across the globe.

Through the passion of our storytellers, the strength of our communities and the shared belief that every author should have an equal chance to succeed in publishing, Inkitt has grown into an international platform dedicated to the joys of fiction. We are and always will be committed to keeping our platform completely free of charge and focussing on what matters most – the happiness of our writers and our readers.

As our CEO Ali Albazaz reflects, ‘there is nothing like having a dream and seeing it materialise into a vibrant, creative reality. It would not have been possible without the loyalty of our talented users, and we are so grateful to you all. I can still remember waking up at 4:30am to help Inkitt’s very first user upload her novels to the platform one by one. I am overjoyed with the progress we are making, and the literary careers we are helping.’    

We are overwhelmed with gratitude towards our fellow fiction lovers who have helped us forge this creative family, and we are buzzing with excitement for the future.

What does 1 million mean to us?

Celebrate with us…

To celebrate with us, why not motivate yourself to write your first novel with our FREE Novel Writing Bootcamp, brought to you by the editor of award-winning bestseller The Martian, Bryan Thomas Schmidt. Bryan’s unmissable free book, How to Write A Novel, is accompanied by video tutorials and worksheets to empower you in your journey from plotting to promoting your story. Broken down into 10 helpful stages, it is an invaluable resource for any aspiring novelist.

Bryan is also tailoring his editorial expertise to the winning novels in our November Novel Writing Contest. Along with a $200 prize for the first place winner, the authors of the top 3 entries will each be rewarded with an hour-long consultation session with Bryan. This incredible opportunity isn’t one to miss, so start writing and sharing your novels today!

We could not have reached 1m without the communal energy of our readers and writers. If you haven’t already, treat yourself to the inspiring stories and support of other authors on our Writer’s Community Groups. Triumph in creative writing challenges, receive feedback on your work, and play around with genres. Make a little magic in our Werewolves and Fantasy group, or indulge in the drama of our YA Reads group.  

Why not treat yourself to the pearls of wisdom and fascinating literary features on the rest of the Writer’s Blog. Check out our new Inkitt Icons Interview Series, and stay up to date with the latest writing advice for staying focussed and successful.

The Inkitt family has some incredible adventures ahead!

Do you have a topic you would like us to cover? Let us know about your suggestion. 


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