Winners of May’s Epic Worlds Fantasy Contest

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We’re so excited to announce the winning stories of the Epic Worlds contest!  It was truly a great contest and we want to thank every writer whose story allowed us to journey to a new world over the past month, as well as every reader for their dedication and every reviewer for their great feedback.

And now, the winners have been chosen and they are waiting to be read! Which one are you going to enjoy first?

Happy reading!

1st Place · ILLUMINATED · By Shawn PatrickCooke


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The winner of Inkitt’s Epic Worlds writing contest is proudly awarded to Shawn Patrick Cooke for ‘Illuminated’. Delivered with superb cadence, this story is both elegant and engaging.  It is a tale that finds great balance between culture and fantasy and a piece that offers both a story and an experience.

Summary: Lasair is a monk, the best illuminator in the abbey of Kells. One night, a stranger delivers a commission, one that will challenge his faith and lead him to uncover the hidden nature of the world.


2nd Place · THE WINGED TURBAN · By Joshua Grasso


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‘The Winged Turban’ by Joshua Grasso is brilliantly executed. The story clings to its audience, growing with the tension of the text until a reader is completely absorbed. It is the kind of story that demands to be read, and one that should not be put down until its end.

Summary: Beatrice has been married off to the ancient House of Saffrendento, but old Houses don’t always welcome new blood. Especially women who have correspondence with sorcerers…and speak with the dead.


3rd Place · THE HUNTRESS · By jwjone12


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Third place goes to jwjone12 for ‘The Huntress’. Engrossing in its approach, this tale dives fully and literally into its own world. The author has skillfully created characters and landmarks that are as true to their own world as any that might be found within our own reality.

Summary: One must always consider, is the storm of this world, or of Paradise? For many souls are capable of besting nature, but few are equipped to prove themselves mightier than the gods. – Jovess Astaire

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