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Sometimes we write the same things over and over. We live in the same writing worlds for a long time. However, there might come a time when what we write about doesn’t work for us anymore. What happens when your writing no longer brings you joy?  Or, what happens if you stop writing all together? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Build on the past

Think about the writing tools you’ve placed into your toolbox. Is there anything you can use in a new writing endeavor? Think about parallels you can make from your old genre when you write in a new one. 

For example, maybe your historical fiction writing experience transfer and inform a new piece in the thriller genre If you’ve been a sci-fi world-builder, what would it be like to build a rural town in Montana? Without having to create an entire socio-economic structure in addition to wildlife, respiratory, and new ecosystems, I bet you’d have an easy enough time writing small-town Americana. 

Make a Fresh Start

Or, maybe you could easily translate your fiction writing into non-fiction. Online magazines, blogs, local magazines are frequently looking for individuals with writing experience. If you’ve written a book already, I believe that makes you qualified. I had a writing friend who was so desperate to try something new, she ended up writing articles for the plumbing industry. It was enough of a break from her YA novel to refresh her spirit and return to her original project with a new perspective.  

Making the Transition

If you’re reading this post, you must be at a crossroads. Maybe you just need a break. Sometimes, your brain needs time to process new work on a subconscious level. Your brain also needs to be fed or it gets bored. Here are a few ideas to help spark your writing spirit. 

  • Consider Travel – Travel always refreshes my soul. It gives me new perspectives, new ways of living, new settings, new characters. Did you know that you could write and get paid for your traveling experiences? It’s true! Read this article for more information. 
  • Change your word count – If you’ve been writing short stories, now might be the time to try a novel. Transversely, maybe writing novels has burned you out. Try writing a short story to spark your creativity in a smaller format. Hell, try tweeting tiny book reviews or reviews of anything that’s a passion for you. 
  • Join a writer’s group – If you’ve never been in one, now is the time. Check out this article to see if that’s something worth exploring. When I was figuring out how to be a writer, being in a writer’s group was the best thing for me. I really enjoyed reading other people’s work. However, as time went on, it was hard for me to dedicate time to reading work that wasn’t my own, writing, raising a child, and keeping a full-time job. If you’re at a cross-road, with time on your hands, maybe dedicate some of it to a new writer. You might discover inspiration while doing so. 

Be kind to yourself

Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep your internal dialogue positive. Recently, I ran into a few disappointments in my writing and decided to throw in the towel. It took a night out with some writer friends to remind me that, yes, I still had more writing to do. They told me I wasn’t allowed to quit. End of conversation. 

Hopefully, you have people like this in your life to support you and remind you that, if you’re passionate about writing, you should keep that flame alive. If you don’t, maybe it’s time to reach out to that writer’s group you’ve been thinking about joining …

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Heather Rigney is a fiction writer, blogger, journalist, and art teacher based in Rhode Island. Author of The Merrow Trilogy--a dark, historical fantasy novel that deals with homicidal mermaids, the colonial suppression of women, and a present-day alcoholic funeral director trying to make sense of it all. Her writing has been featured in Motif Magazine and Stone Crowns Magazine. By day she teaches art at an all-girls Quaker school and at night she tries to be creative while avoiding too many sweets. You can read more about Ms. Rigney on her website: www.heatherrigney.com

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