Your April 2022 Writing Horoscope

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Get writing advice based on your zodiac sign with our monthly horoscope

The world is on the brink of a rebirth. Spring is in the air, we’re coming out of hibernation—and the stars are telling us to get on with it! Perhaps you’ve not been as motivated as you normally are? Read on to find out your best way of kicking back into high gear.

Aries, you’ve got a higher calling this month! With several planets moving through your spiritual zone, you’re itching to say something with your writing. Whether that be to one particular person or humanity in general, write from the heart.

Taurus, aren’t you a little creature of habit? You’ve been sleeping, but it’s time to wake yourself back up. To shock yourself out of the same old routine, try something totally new—why don’t you grab a notebook and go write somewhere completely new? We vote for the beach. 

Gemini, you won’t like hearing this, but this month you need to stop flitting around, and focus inwards. We know—easier said than done! You need to prepare for the upcoming Gemini season, so now would be a great time to take inventory of just what you have in your WIP folder and tie up any loose ends. 

Cancer, like french fries and ketchup, some things just work better together. With your zone of collaboration lit up this month, have you ever considered co-writing? You can be a little solitary, but remember that some great works have come out of collaborations. Come out of your shell and give it a go. 

Leo, you’ve been itching for an adventure lately, and any project you start right now just can’t fail. Get your characters out of the house once and for all and get started on that plotty, slightly terrifying piece you’ve been too scared to touch!

Virgo, your relationship sector is getting all the love this month, so why don’t you make it official? Some romance does a body good, as we love to remind you! Is there a secret romance brewing between two of your characters that you’ve been resisting? Stop resisting. Let it happen.

Libra, the solar eclipse means a big shift in your life, and you might not like it. Be honest with yourself this month. Is your plot actually making sense? They say you need to kill your darlings, so re-read and cut out anything that paints you into a corner.

Scorpio, you’re just itching to turn over a new leaf. Don’t worry, it’s time for you to take action and transform into who you’re meant to be. With so much energy swirling around we don’t see you committing to any long projects; focus on short, snappy stories that let you move quickly from one thing to the other. 

Sagittarius, you’re gonna be shocked, but it’s true—contrary to your normal rapport, the stars are telling you to focus on your roots! See if you can dig up some interesting family stories. Not only could Grandma inspire a masterpiece, she’ll also be really happy that you cared enough to ask.

Capricorn, the stars are telling you to begin a new chapter this month, literally. If you’re getting bogged down in the details of what you’ve been working on, just put it to one side for now and start something new. Remember, you want to see the full picture before zooming in. 

Aquarius, you’ll be pleased to hear us say that you should definitely shake it up this month! This is a great month for you to learn a new skill, or perhaps try a completely different genre to what you normally write in. To keep it interesting, pick a number out of a hat and let chance decide where you’re going.

Pisces, the world is speaking your language this month so if you’ve got something to say, now’s a great time to say it. If you’re normally too shy to share your writing with the people you care about, try to be a little brave. Let them see the full story of who you really are!

Creativity is flowing this month! Take advantage of the energy swirling around, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel like it’s not moving quickly enough. Rebirthing is hard work. Good luck, and check back next month for your new writing horoscopes.

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