Your March 2022 Writing Horoscope

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Get writing advice based on your zodiac sign with our monthly horoscope

This month marks the start of Aries season, which means everything’s a little more fiery. Conflict comes easier, which may not be great in your personal life—but it certainly will be for your writing!

ARIES, watch your temper this month! Your ruling planet Mars is on the warpath. If your story seems stuck, go back to the previous scene and see if you pushed the characters past the point of no return—maybe they need to chill out a little.

TAURUS, your friendship sector is lit up this month, which means making new and old connections will be a breeze for you. Make sure your characters are fleshed out and feel real enough that your readers think, “That’s someone I’d hang out with in real life.”

GEMINI, ever heard of the phrase “kill your darlings”? We’re sorry to say that the time has come for you. This month is all about drawing boundaries, meaning that a character or scene you’re working with that deep down you know isn’t working? It’s got to go, baby.

CANCER, you may have felt like the words just weren’t flowing for the past few weeks, but it’s time to take control. This month, you need to work through those writers’ blocks. If it’s slow going, try writing something totally different from normal and see if a bit of novelty helps you get your spark back.

LEO, the stars are spelling H-O-N-E-S-T-Y for you this month. Have you been holding back? If you feel like your writing just isn’t working, it might be because it’s not what you truly want to be saying. Try telling us how you REALLY feel.

VIRGO, you’re the type of person who’s always good at everything. The flip side of that is that you sometimes have unreasonable expectations of yourself. When you finish a story, put it away for a few weeks and look at it with fresh eyes—you might find it’s a lot better than you thought.

LIBRA, your health is in focus this month, so it’s worth asking yourself whether you’re taking good enough care of yourself. Make sure you’re not pushing yourself too hard—if it seems like you can’t get a single word on the page, try taking a night off and coming back to it when you feel refreshed.

SCORPIO, when was the last time you switched up your routine? You’re at risk of becoming stale. Try writing something in a totally new genre, or finding a new spot to write in. You might find it unlocks something you didn’t know you were capable of.

SAGITTARIUS, the theme for you this month is Action! Get moving and don’t stop—meaning, don’t worry about whether or not your writing is “good” for now. Just get those words on a page, rapid fire, and give yourself the chance to create a diamond in the rough!

CAPRICORN, you’re a busy bee this month. You have a tendency to forget about your intuition, but the Pisces full moon mid-month forces you to get in touch with your psychic side. Don’t forget that you can’t always force the solution to a roadblock—sometimes if you sleep on it, you’ll wake up with the answer.

AQUARIUS, we know you’re no stranger to idealistic thinking, and this month is ripe for your brand of innovation. Remember, your writing can touch people’s hearts and make a real difference in the world – you can help them see a new perspective. Are you up for the challenge of creating a metaphor or allegory that truly shows your heart?

PISCES, someone new is coming into your life. Is it your dream character? Don’t forget that sometimes you have to make room for the new by throwing out the old, so if you’ve been working on something that just isn’t working, perhaps it’s time to make like Elsa and let it go.

Remember that good writing thrives on conflict, and lean in to the passion that’s bubbling under the surface this month. If you think you’ve put your characters through enough, dial it up another 20% and see where it gets you (and them!). Good luck, and check back next month for your new writing horoscopes.

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