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First off, I'm just super excited to see another Lewis fan! Maybe it's just where I live, but nobody knows what I'm talking about when I bring it up! So, it made my day to see a Lewis fanfiction going strong in this contest. To be completely honest, I'm relieved the series did not end this way (you probably are too!?) -this isn't to say I didn't enjoy your fanfiction though! Despite the many tears shed whilst reading it... I did enjoy it. I think it is a great "what if" concept and character study of Lewis and Laura and even James. I love how in your story the depth of Robbie's father-son relationship with James is clearly highlighted. I also adore any Lewis-Laura interaction, and yours was a good balance of poignant and cute. The added bonus of Lewis marrying her -perfect. (Can you write a fic in which Lewis marries her but James is alive too? That would make my day. :D )

Anyway, my sole critique is that when you mention Maddox's first name you call her "Angela," but I think it's actually "Lizzie." I think. It's not a huge deal, I just thought you might like to know. Sorry if I'm incorrect! (I checked Wikipedia -and of course we know that has to be correct. XD) Anyway, again, great job! I really enjoyed the story -nice Innocent cameo too. :) Hooray for Lewis!!!

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