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The Last Exodus

Intense. Gripping. A must-read warning to all about the importance, and price, of freedom.

In a dystopian America controlled entirely by a socialist government, every citizen has exactly what the government deems necessary for survival. Exactly that, and no more. So-called "luxury items" are now contraband, and groceries are provided in the form of strictly controlled rations. Overdrawing and hoarding food is a sure sign that you must be a domestic terrorist. Everyone has been relocated to wherever the government has deemed they will be best put to use. You don't choose your job, it is chosen for you by way of aptitude testing. Frivolity is no more. All media is strictly controlled, there are no more bars, mandatory curfew after dark.

John Evermann reminds me a lot of my own father and grandfathers. Willing to do or sacrifice anything to see that his children have a better life then he did. He cannot abide the monotony of a life controlled and owned in every facet by the government. He wants a better life for his family and friends. And he is not alone.

Lieutenant Casey is the polar opposite of John and his people. A federal officer assigned to capture and return the refugees for re-education, Casey is dedicated to his job, a stickler for order and can see no reason why anyone would be upset at being taken care of by the government.

The fluid, descriptive writing style keeps your attention throughout, maintaining a sense of urgency and desperation in the flight of the refugees, as well as the need of the Lieutenant to complete his mission despite the difficulties of government contracts and red tape.

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