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First off...I want to thank this author for giving me the opportunity to read their work.

However, this is my honest review and I hope the author takes no offense by it.

I'm not here to bash or hurt anyone but I am a reviewer, blogger and author myself, so here it goes.

The story begins as if the author was jotting down thoughts to fit into the story, piecing it together. Though the writing IS good and clear, the plot was EXTREMELY confusing and jumps from one thing-to-another. Where does the story take place? What's the story ACTUALLY about? And, what era is it set in? The story, though not a story in my opinion, needs a lot of added information to the point where the story has a plot and makes sense.

Sadly and unfortunately, I could only read up to chapter three for I just couldn't get into this read. I wish the author all the luck and I do hope they get more experience and readers.

The story could definitely use more detail and clarity.

I refuse to give anyone less than 3 stars for that's just not fair to anyone.

But...I do have to say that I did like the intricate page separator which I had issues setting up on my own page :)


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Intriguing, yet details need to be cut back...

The blurb in the beginning reminded me of a German film series that I recently watched, but this story has its own take, I guess.

However, there was FAR too much detailing in the descriptive sense. The sentences and paragraphs were sadly drawn out and lost me several times. There should have been breaks between them. But, over all...when I have the time, I'll read more and see if it goes anywhere.

As a YA author myself, I've learned so much when it comes to learning when to add enough details without dragging it on and on. And most of that learning, came from my reviews.

Good luck to the author, though!

Happy reading! :)

I took the chance and finished reading this story, and found it intriguing after all. The story picked up its pace after Chapter 10, when things began to come to light about Ethan and who he is. The whole story line about the secret society was quite captivating, since that's what I'm interested in myself.. Although the author as I stated before, had too much descriptive and lengthy paragraphs, I really enjoyed the read nonetheless. Still, would like to have known more about Hanna's background and have more excitement.

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