Get Published With Inkitt: How Your Book Could Be GALATEA’s Next Bestseller

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Author obsessed. Reader-powered. We find hidden talents and turn them into globally successful authors. Find out how you can get published by GALATEA when you upload your book to Inkitt.

Inkitt is committed to shining a spotlight on talented authors. That’s why we’ve developed a fair way of discovering writers by giving them a platform to showcase their books to the world. Here at Inkitt, the power of reader feedback drives all of our publishing opportunities.

Once you create your Inkitt account and upload your book, you start the process of getting selected for a publishing deal! The process is simple; we analyze reader patterns and engagement with your book to determine if it has bestseller potential on our GALATEA fiction app. 

When we find a potential bestseller, our publishing team reaches out to you about getting signed. No gatekeepers. No biases. It’s publishing made fair.

Where does Inkitt publish my work?

We do things differently, and that doesn’t stop at publishing. When we discover the potential in your work, we will contact you with an offer to sign a publishing contract. This means that your work will first be published in English on our sister app, GALATEA. Later, it might also be published in other formats, translated into additional languages, and produced as an English-language audiobook, which can also be translated into German. 

What is GALATEA?

GALATEA is the world’s fastest-growing reading app, with millions of active readers bingeing over 40 million chapters per month. Writers who want to monetize their work know that GALATEA has something for every reader, including:

  • Original authors’ stories in several languages!
  • Audiobooks in English and German, with more languages on the way
  • Stories adapted into full, immersive series that feature chat fiction, visual effects, haptic feedback, and sound

As readers engage with your story, you’ll receive instant feedback through reader comments and star ratings on each chapter. Unique tools available only on GALATEA provide more opportunities for your readers to remain engaged with your story long after they’ve finished the last chapter! 

Our goal is to keep avid readers hungry for more, and storytelling has never been more exciting than on GALATEA.

How does the GALATEA publishing process work?

Once you sign a publishing contract with us, our publishing team offers you a guiding hand throughout the entire process. Here is what your journey to becoming a published GALATEA author will look like:

how to publish your inkitt book to galatea

The GALATEA publishing team will edit and format your story and schedule a release date. Your story will then be announced on the Coming Soon page in the app, where readers can sign up to receive an alert once your story releases. 

After your story is published on GALATEA, you will begin to earn royalties, which are paid on a quarterly basis.

How much can I earn as a GALATEA author?

Top authors have earned up to five figures per royalty cycle from publishing their work on our app. And with how fast GALATEA is growing, authors with published stories are seeing their royalties increase every month.

What do GALATEA authors think of the experience?

“Galatea has positively changed my perspective about the writing world. Since being with them, I have never felt so accomplished, and the exposure I have gotten is incomparable. And to be honest, GALATEA is a ten that I would NEVER give up for a two.”

— Danielle J., author of Alpha Ares

“Writing on Inkitt gave me the opportunity to connect with my readers on a different level. Inkitt provided me with the opportunity to develop my stories and help me become the best author I can be. Being a published author on GALATEA is such an honor and I’m grateful for all the support I have been given by the GALATEA team!”

— L.S. Patel, author of Lycan’s Queen

“Publishing through GALATEA first and foremost brought my stories more exposure. I got new readers who invested their time into my stories on GALATEA to the extent of them finding my Inkitt profile to read my other stories. GALATEA also provided me with information about how my readers take to my stories, something that I wasn’t as aware of before, and it makes me so happy to know people all over the world support me through GALATEA.”

— Sapir Englard, author of The Millennium Wolves

“As an author, you may have expectations for your book, and then you have some delightful surprises that come along the way. I think other authors will agree with me here in that GALATEA is definitely one of those surprises. I never imagined my book being on a platform like this before, and it’s a beautiful thing to see it come to life with the soundtrack and sound effects. What this boils down to is a thank you to the GALATEA team on my behalf. I’m super amped to try and get more books onto Inkitt and hopefully onto GALATEA as well.”

— Katlego Moncho, author of Mateo Santiago

“Working with Inkitt has been life-changing for me. It gave me the opportunity to reach across the globe to like-minded people, share my story, and find my voice. The experience has given me a whole new outlook on life and what I want to do with my future. I would never have imagined that posting my story to Inkitt would have given me the courage to go for my dreams as an author, but the support has been overwhelming. When you work with Inkitt, you work with an amazing group of people that believe in you and want to further your dreams along with you.”

— N. K. Corbett, author of Chasing Kiarra

What users say about GALATEA…

“I am so absorbed into these books… Bye bye Netflix”

— Shannan Penisione, Facebook Group

“I love this app. It completely changes reading with the sound effects and music. Sometimes the background gives some sort of visual. It takes reading to a new dimension!”

— Redrose0912, iOS

“Once you start Galatea, there’s no turning back, my friend.”

— Jae Seul, Facebook Group

“Love this app it’s very interactive and brings life to the books you’re reading. Definitely would recommend it.”

— Paris 156, iOS

GALATEA in the press…

GALATEA is the fastest-growing reading app in the world, soon to become the most popular reading app to date. With a rapidly growing user base, posting your work to Inkitt gives you the chance to work with GALATEA in redefining the future of reading and storytelling. 

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out what these publications say:

Forbes: The Millennium Wolves is selling faster than Harry Potter

Forbes: The Five-Month-Old Storytelling App Galatea Is Already A Multimillion-Dollar Business 

Euronews: Writing a great business story: how smarter finance from Europe is boosting small firms

Inkitt Raises $59M in Series B Funding Led by NEA

Inkitt on Fast Company’s Top 100 Workplaces for Innovators

Meet the Berklee student making $15,000 a month writing fiction

Do you want to be GALATEA’s next bestseller?

Your journey to becoming a GALATEA author starts now. All you need to do is create your Inkitt account and upload your book—it could be our next big GALATEA hit! Start writing today.

a man and woman embrace passionately

Do you have a topic you would like us to cover? Let us know about your suggestion. 


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  1. Cindy L. Rasey on

    How do I get my book onto the publisher page to lunch a finished book that I just put on facebook?
    How can I eventually get a real book of my published one to give to a friend and stuff like that I’d like to see a physical copy of it for my own satisfaction of knowing it was published and evenul stat maybe getting my Royalties?

  2. I have a story I named “The MTM” which is a metaphor for “The Mind Transfer Machine”. I wrote it with the idea of selling it to interested parties. The story is a good one and involves a young boy just 14 years old who was condemned to death for killing his girl friend. Of course, he didn’t do it. Circumstances deem otherwise and he spends 10 years in prison before he is rescued by a Doctor who wants his body for his own purposes.

    The doctor invents a mind transfer machine that enables him to replace one man’s mind with another man’s mind or essence. A good story that needs to be published.

    • Hey Michael, thanks for your comment! It’s is great to have you and your work on Inkitt 🙂 Happy to see The Mind Transfer Machine entered in the Novel Contest like so many of our now published authors work’s were. All the best to you and your novel!

  3. I have an unpublished book and when i started the contest as seen on your site, i saw something else that i have to publish the book first.

    • Hey Nidi, in order to enter one of our Novel Contests you need to upload your manuscript onto our platform and then hit the submit button. This will submit your work to Inkitt and allow you to enter contests. If you have any questions about uploading or how Inkitt works you can get in touch with our Support Team at [email protected]

  4. My name is Darryl Owens author of Sworn not to Betray my first novel, I have a few reviews on Amazon. They are four and five star, I’m currently writing a sequel I made a. terrible mistake when it was published, don’t want to make the same mistake again. What protection do you give the author upon submission that their work won’t be shared or sold, while waiting to hear if it’s catching on with its intended audience

    • Hey Derryl! Thanks for your question. In terms of protection we have two systems in place to protect the works of authors. First, we have eliminated the possibility for users to copy paste any story from the Inkitt platform. Second we also have time stamps for everything that occurs on the platform. Therefore, if in the unlikely event that a story was shared illegally, you could prove ownership. Hope this helps.

    • Hey Dorothy! Yes, you can submit self-published works. We have many self-published authors in our community. Some of our published authors were also previously self-published 🙂

    • Yes, Shankar, you are welcome to submit previously self-published works. We would love to have you join the community!

  5. Hi Guys,
    I submitted my work, Fire At Dawn to the contest. I was wondering how the judging works. Do you folks read all of the entries or do you rely on voting from the general Inkitt readership? I was involved in another group that I won’t name that judged solely on reader input. The problem was, the input wasn’t concerned so much with writing ability as it was with the content being written about.
    Anyway, I’m happy to be here and hope I get to go further with Inkitt.

  6. Hello, I notice it mentions novels. However do you accept other types of books such as children’s books or non fiction?

    • Hi Marina. We only accept fiction works. However that being said, we do accept other types of book within that genre. These could include short stories, poems, children’s books etc…

  7. I cannot get on facebook and nor on the other web pages except on twitter. I think it is because I forget my passwords but they seem to want me to change my email address. So that can affect my sales because face book is bigger and larger and then it affect Amazon and all the rest. But then that is just me.

  8. Hello,
    I have submitted a book for the novel contest called “Try Not to Think” but am unable to locate it in any of the genres it was selected for or via the search function. Is there a waiting period before the book becomes “live”? It was submitted yesterday.

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for your question. Once you submit a novel, your work makes its way to our Quality Assurance team. If any changes are needed, they will email you and let you know. Otherwise, when it’s approved, you’ll receive a notification. Without this approval, your work is not made public for the readers on our platform to enjoy. Typically it takes anywhere between 24-48 hours for our Quality Assurance team to get back to you about submissions.

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Clio,
      You can either upload your novel to Inkitt through our website or you can send your manuscripts to [email protected] and we are happy to upload them for you.
      The Inkitt Family

  9. I have so far published two books. These are ‘Full Circle for Mick’ and ‘For the Love of Armin’ My Twitter address is @kramercad1 – My latest work is entitled “Now What?!!” and this is a work in progress. The front, spine and rear covers have been designed and will be used. My home phone number is 61 2 6029 7164 and my cell phone is 61 428 537 995. I would love to be able to incude the cover design here, but I see no way of uploading it to your site. so, if you would like to be considered for submission to publish, then send me an email. Kind regards – Michael G Kramer OMIEAust.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for your question. In order for your cover design to be included on our platform it needs to follow our guidelines. Please check out our guidelines page for more information. Once it follows our guidelines, you can simply upload your cover design in the story editor under “Edit Story Cover” on the top left hand.

  10. Hi there
    Do you do any publishing for children’s stories or are there any current writing competitions I could enter?
    I write picture books.
    Many thanks :0)

    • Hey Peta! We don’t yet have contests for children’s stories, but instead have novel contest that runs every month. If you are looking for competitions to enter to submit your children’s stories you can have a look at our contest page for anything applicable to your works.

  11. I tried a download but it would not accept the pictures that support the text. How can this be corrected?


    • Hi James, thanks for your message. I assume you are talking about submitting your novel with pictures using our importer. Currently, we do not accept novels with pictures that support the text. The only way to correct this therefore is to eliminate the pictures all together. If you need any further clarification you can contact our support team at [email protected].

  12. Hi. How do you guys decide which book is ready to be published? I mean what criteria does a book need to meet so that you guys deem it worthy of being published? Does it need a certain number of reads? Or a certain number of votes? What?


    • The publication decision is based on reading engagement, re-engagement, sharing, and the behavior of new readers who discover a book through their friends, so the collected data bar on your analytics page will be helpful when more readers have read and completed the book too. Over the years we’ve seen books with 100 reads that had more engagement than books with 500, 1000, 10000 reads. It’s all about engagement. Once you’ve reached a high level of engagement your book will be eligible for publication.

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Julian,

      No, not at all. You can still upload your work to our site and we will evaluate through our community.

      The Inkitt Family

  13. R. John Hermann on

    I have a manuscript of a novel in which you may be interested. It is 63,138 words in length. It is entitled ‘Spirit of Progress’. It is an alternative history of Australia, and is about the restoration of an old train, and the restoration of Australia as a nation.

    • Hi John. You’re book sounds interesting! You can submit your work onto our platform. If you go to our website, you will see a tab at the top that says “Become a Writer.” If you hover above that, you can click “Write or Upload Story,” and that will take you to the story editor (as long as you are logged in first). From there, you can either start writing in the text box OR click on “Upload Manuscript” and upload your .doc/.docx file (make sure it follows the writing guidelines).

      After that, you just upload a cover picture and complete the story settings (“Settings” button on left side). Once you do that, you can submit, and then the work is on its way to our Quality Assurance team. If any changes are needed, they will email you and let you know. Otherwise, when it’s approved, you’ll receive a notification. Just make sure your book is fiction as we only accept fiction-based submissions.

  14. i would like to publish one or many of my books because art the national library they said it was risky to publish more than four books at once and that it would take me more than sixty years to publish all sixty short stories and seven novels of mine so I was hoping to publish through inkitt ,how do I go about it?

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Mbali,

      You can freely upload all your novels and works to our community and get valuable feedback as well as a chance to get published. If you have any problems, reach out to [email protected] and we can help you further.

      The Inkitt Family

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Martin,
      thanks for your question. No, Inkitt is completely free and we can help you uploading your novel to our community. You can reach out to [email protected] for further questions as well or ask in our community on the website.
      The Inkitt-Family

  15. I wish to upload my novel. I am unaware of the least requirements of novels that your organization takes into consideration. Could do possiby tell me what those are? I would also like to know what genres you accept? And what is the minimum required length of the novel one must upload?

    • 80,000 for science fiction and fantasy;
      60,000 for mystery, horror, and thriller;
      40,000 for romance and young adult;
      20,000 for erotica.

  16. ….What’s the catch? How do you end up determining the pricing for the book? This all just looks too good to be true. -_-

    But I’m super-intrigued.

    Will my submitting the book to the inkitt platform forfeit my publishing rights as the author? How is the limitation of readers who reserve a copy determined? Can more readers reserve a copy if I run out? What is the threshold/criteria you use to determine how you publish a book?

    Once you determine you like a book, how do you decide on pricing for books, marketing budget/efforts, royalties, etc?

    I want to be in love with this new take on the publishing industry. It’s getting a bit old, pale, and stuffy out here.

  17. Julia Kennedy on

    I’m working on a 5 book series. I have nearly 2 books finished. Should I send what I have or wait and finish book 2?

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Julia,
      That sounds amazing! Please already upload book 1 and we can help you with the uploading process. Let us know at [email protected].
      I would also recommend uploading the unfinished book 2 already since our reader and author community can give you valuable feedback while you write.

    • Hey Naureen, thanks for your message. There are no costs associated to get published with us. We take care of it costs, as are marketing gets to work publicizing your work. However, you first need to submit your book to our platform, and more importantly garner reading engagement. The publication decision is based on reading engagement, re-engagement, sharing, and the behavior of new readers who discover a book through their friends. In that regards the collected data bar on your analytics page will be helpful when more readers have read and completed the book too, so it’s good to keep getting the word out there by using social media channels, our Groups page, etc. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Garry. Thanks for your question. To get your book published you first need to submit it to our platform. You can do that following the steps in this video. Once your book is submitted, we base our publishing decision on reading engagement, re-engagement, sharing, and the behavior of new readers who discover a book through their friends, so the collected data bar on your analytics page will be helpful when more readers have read and completed the book too, so it’s good to keep getting the word out there by using social media channels, our Groups page, etc. Also, some books take longer than others to find their audience too.

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Rasika,
      Good Question! The answer is no. We do not limit talent by age.
      Have a great weekend!

  18. Hi there,

    I have already submitted my work for quite sometime and both of my works have over 2000 reads but nothing seems to be happening. Is there a number of reads you have to hit to be considered for publishing? I have also submitted my works into the writing contest, but I’m not quite sure if it’s actually in it. Please let me know.


    • This process does take time, and many of our now published authors had months of sharing and engaging new readers before they saw consistent progress. Also, the chapter reads show when someone lands on your page, but there may be readers that are still in the process of reading or could have left and may come back too. Our tech team is actually working on helping to show that information too, so stay tuned for future updates. There is no magic number. We’ve seen books with 100 reads could have better engagement than one with 500 reads.

      If you want to verify that your work is indeed submitted to our monthly writing contest, you can verify that in your story settings in the story editor. On the final tab of settings you will be able to see if you’re book has been submitted to our writing contest.

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Ed,
      In general, Christian content is fine. We do focus on fictional work though at the moment.

  19. Stan I.S. Law on

    I already have 40 books published, 20 of them novels. What I need is readership, publicity, and reviews. I am willing to supply you with any number of copies for 99¢. I found that free copies are never read. 8000+ free copies I gave away of my ALEXANDER, did not yield a single review. Hence my reticence.
    Can you help?

    • Hey Stan! Thanks for your post. If you are a looking for readership, publicity, and reviews I would suggest you put your work onto Inkitt, where you’ll be able to share your story with hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide. The process of getting readership is simple. Engage with the community and you’ll see the favour returned. At the same time, if you want to speed up the process you can also check out our Groups section to ask for reviews for your works.

  20. Alphonso White on

    I have a story collection of short stories that I’m working on. Would it be better for me to post each story as it’s finished, or submit the entire thing as a work in progress?

    • Hi Alphonso! It’s really up to you. I would recommend to submit it as a work in progress so you can get active feedback from our community to make your work even better than it already is as you continue updating it until completion.

  21. Karan Mummigatti on

    Hi guys,

    First, great service! Second, do you guys do feed back for a story about 10,000 words long? Thanks.

    • Hi Karan,

      Thank you for the post and kind words! So, the way our platform works is our community of authors and readers provide feedback. Most authors use our Groups page to engage with others and get input at different points in their stories.

      If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

  22. William Evans on

    I have a dozen novels that were self-published through Amazon’s Kindle Publishing. Kindle says that my paperbacks can be sold elsewhere, but the e-books are only available through Amazon via Kindle. Therefore, I am confused when your agents above state that self-published novels are still eligible for this program which demands both paperback and e-book sales if published?

    • Hi William,

      Thank you for the post! Pardon any confusion, as we’ve worked with previously self-published authors, which is why we make the point about eligibility. On our end, as long as you own the full rights to your work, you would be eligible; however, it is important for each author to look at their self-publishing company’s terms before making the decision. If you have other questions for us, feel free to reach out to [email protected].

  23. William Evans on

    I just looked at your winners of 2017 and they are all current, young adult, sexual, vampire, romance, and werewolf themes.

    My novels are all Noir from the forties which transport one back in time to the Mafia in the five Boroughs of New York, the Golden Era of Hollywood and World War II, involving tales of mystery, romance, suspense, and war.

    Therefore, it appears that I would be wasting my time with your genres.

    • Hey William,

      Thank you for the post! While there are certain books and genres that can be more popular, we have a wide variety of novels and are continuing to add more every day. Our goal is to be a resourceful community for authors and to provide an opportunity for books to be discovered that may not have the chance otherwise. You’ll definitely be able to engage with our community and get feedback, so we hope to see your work on the platform!

  24. The green analytics bar for my novel is full, but I have received no information from Inkitt in regards to publication. Should I expect an email accepting or denying my novel for publication? Is there anything else I can do at this point?

    • Hi Ceylan,

      Thank you for the post! Our publishing team would reach out if there is an opportunity. We are a small team, so it currently is taking longer for our publishing process, but we hope to decrease that turnaround time as we continue to grow. Keep doing what you have been in terms of promoting the story, since are continuing to add new readers every day, and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

  25. Hello, My name is Stacy Thowe and I have my novel “God Bless the Broken Road” on Inkitt and I entered the contest. I haven’t seen any postings for winners in 2018. I believe your procedure is that once you enter a contest you are automatically reentered for future contests. Are the winners for 2018 being posted? I am getting a steady response from reader’s but have heard nothing from Inkitt and can only find winners from 2017. Can you tell me how I am doing and how long I have to wait for a response from Inkitt, please. Also should I be looking elsewhere for listing of 2018 winners. And am I able to pull my novel from site at any time? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Stacy,

      Thank you for the post! The process takes a few months from the close of submissions, but yes, our publishing team is taking longer at the moment, so we will update the page as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our team size is small, and we are looking to continue growing and shortening the publication selection timeline. Your book has done well in terms of the reader data collected, so definitely continue to do what you have been doing, since we are still adding new readers every day. Our publishing team will reach out if there is an opportunity, and also, authors can pull their novel from the platform at any time, but of course, the data would then be unavailable too. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

  26. Tabatha Sims on

    Hello, my name is Tabatha Sims and I am currently writing two novels, Dragon Bound and Death Mask. Should I complete these works before submitting them or can I submit them as I complete each chapter? This is my first time doing something like this so I’m a little lost. Thank you in advance for any advice and assistance you provide.

    • Hi Tabatha,

      Thank you for the post! You can do either, as we have authors who submit completed novels and also works in progress. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

  27. Hi.I was just wondering since I’m new on Inkitt and all: if I want to submit my story on Inkitt does it have to be finished book or can it be in proces od writing

    • Hi Ena,

      Thank you for the post, and welcome! You can submit a finished book or a work in progress, as we have authors who do both. If you have any questions about this or anything else, feel free to email us at [email protected].

  28. Evgenie Tivaniuk on

    My name is Evgenie and I have a question. Does the book must be of a specific length, to be published or at least considered for publishing? Maybe there is a minimum\maximum number of words, pages or anything?

    • Nicholas Delkeskamp on

      Hi Evgenie,

      There is no maximum level of words. For the minimum it needs to be of novel size, so between 20,000 and 80,000 words, but as I said it can also be 120,000 or 250,000 words if you’d like.


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