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darleneisninja1: This book is really amazing. The author captivates you with such a unique and deep storyline like no other. She took the basic werewolf cliches and made something more of her own. The author has such a way with words that keep you coming back for more. I 100% recommend.

Amber Anderson: I love it that Ted got his ass kicked. If your submissive uses the safe word you stop. no ifs ands or buts about it. in bdsm both parties are consenting but when you use the safe word it's taking consent away. overall I love how you accurately portray the BDSM community.

vanellesapp: I like it from the beginning till the end.Grabbed by each word in the book and the story was well done.I hope he will find her and rescue her from her step father and that they will end up together.Hopping they will be a next tome of it.

boitumelomokolare: Very well written book. it gives a you aadventure and a whole new unexpected exciting world.the interactions among the twelve is just priceless, humorous and I always.look forward to the next one.I can't wait to see how Corvan and Val are going to get on in the next books, looking forward to them

Kalyan Shobhana: There is not a moment in this book where you think...let me stop now. this book cast a spell that compels you to finish it. in the just hope and pray that may it turn out to be a series and the author keeps writing more and more. Let's just say this books makes me want to be selfish ,so...