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latashashetters: I absolutely love this. Really page turner! But it definitely needs work, there's a lot of misspelled words and along with name mix ups when 2 people are conversing in the story. Other then that I love it and wish it was longer!

idk956180: Great story with an amazing plot and wonderful characters with very interesting back stories ,didn't stop reading until I finished it.Has a few a errors but nothing detrimental to the story. I'm very much in love with with the plot , it's the thing I found most impressive about this story, anyone...

Neorulez: I love it! Very well written! It was intriguing and I found myself engrossed in reading your story! Everything was good to me -- you know the writing style and description too.

ryder: This is an excellent read. From beginning to end the author showed his creative and imaginative writing skills. Twists and turns, surprises, humor, and sorrow: This book has it all. I strongly recommend this book, and I am already recommending it to my friends.

Ron2BSure: A very cute satire of New York theater, with a zany plot and memorable characters. Funny and wickedly incisive. I'm a film director and this would make a wonderul movie. It you remember the torture-packed days of pay toilets, you will find this a stitch. Highly recommended.