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Kasey Pinney: This book had me from the beginning. I never came across a part I didn't want to read or that didn't entertain me. The characters are well developed and the internal conversations fit the book well.

1234: this is first story of yours that I read and i find it quite nice goodluckeven I wish to write something I have never published anything before would you please tell me how do II publish short stories?

macyjf4: This book is the best romance book I've ever read. To great characters to an amazing plot, I would highly recommend it. Although some words were spelled incorrectly, I'm sure they were typos. If I could give this book a thousand stars, I would.

barbarajjaques: Beautifully written, I found this to be a moving tale told with wonderful depth of feeling. Characters are believable, and the sense of place is excellent. The author clearly understands her craft/art. Deserving of my full 5 star review.

latashashetters: I absolutely love this. Really page turner! But it definitely needs work, there's a lot of misspelled words and along with name mix ups when 2 people are conversing in the story. Other then that I love it and wish it was longer!