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: Aside from the fact the book mentioned my bae percy this book is a whats-not-to-like kind of book I love the sass in this and the uniqueness it's just the type of book that keeps you crawling for more seriously I love this book go and check it out

: Absolutely loved this book!! Would've loved to find out what actually happened to Andreas and rhi but all in all I give this a 10. It's a real attention grabber and keeps you on the edge of your seat most of the time! I'm looking for to a sequel to this book!! I really to find out what rhi choose...

Wayward Angel: This story is an amazing read! I was intrigued during the entire thing, and I hope there will be more to read! It is super interesting and unique and I absolutely love it.

: It is a curiosity why this book has not been adopted in to mainstream culture. It has all the exciting points, action, adventure, and even a little romance. Beautifully written and executed perfectly. If this book ever becomes published in paperback/hardback, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Wayward Angel: This was a very enjoyable read. I love this idea and couldn't help but smile as I read through it. The characters were very likable and it was sweet to see their excitement throughout the story. Very good work!!:)