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marinheljoysarabia: When I read this book, I wasn't expecting what it contained. Which is a very good thing. I really loved how it kept me on the edge of my sit. I can't even stop reading, I was so hooked. I highly recommend this to everyone. 💚💚

caitlynreardon: I, personally, am terrible at finding books that interest me, but this book.... this book totally blew me away. I got half way through and was already dreading the end, wishing there was more books to follow. Please keep writing!

Jess Cashin: I was almost sad to come to the end of it all! A thorough spell check would be helpful but the story was amazing. So glad Gillian came back! I also would have liked to have seen more from the Witch Hunters but this story was already addictive; I read it in one sitting.

romboili000: I don't know who wrote this but thank you. That story was truly incredible. You have a true gift and i hope you do great in life. You got a very beautiful chance and choice and life and I hope you use it well. Because that it the best book in the entire world. And i am NOT exaggerating. Iliana😪😘

Pandadorable: I absolutely love this story. It's such an amazing piece of writing, and I found it both humorous and adorable. It pulled on my heart-strings, and, in a way, I think it changed me. The story is profound, and the plot has such a succinct rhythm to it. The writing style is humorous, and there are o...