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Brenda: The book is very interesting

Bubbles🥰: Great book but had a few grammatical errors.

2jlynn: Wasn't sure what to expect as things were so different from the typical werewolf books I've read. Pleased with the unexpected twists in the storyline. Was a delight to read as Gretchen didn't put up with the bs that came her way. Would love to read more of Rex, Gretchen, and Jey.

MadameJ: Another amazing story ❤️ 🙌🏽. I couldn't put this book down. Love conquers 💖 all

dhally1953: I really enjoyed this story. It's not my usual genre but it held my interest enough that I read it in one day pretty much non-stop. Even though I suspected who was responsible I found myself wondering about some of the other characters from time to time so it kept me on my toes. There were a co...

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