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smartgirl26: this story was so good, and even when you took a break from it, wondering what happens next, keeps you coming back for more.

Elise Faith: I found this story sensual, captivating and honest. I enjoyed the use of crude language, it made me able to relate to the character more. The idea, however unoriginal was well executed and the story is delivered clean and crisp as the characters themselves are.

Pablo Rojas: It is a pleasure to read the story of eric olafson, my only regret it is not being able to read it in order, and not knowing where to see the next book, Please let me know how to read the book after the Eric midshipman part of the story, please!!! my mail is :

John1000: I thought the plot was excellent - it's "just around the corner" technology which our children will undouptedly have to cope with. I found it to be very believable - the technology available at present to ferret information out about an individual is scary - this is terrifying! The author obviou...

Mimi Flood: I stumbled upon this story while I was for something short to read. Instead, I found a tiny story with tons of goodness! It is very well written, the emotion within it is palpable and left me wanting more. Very well done!