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07_jaskeerat: This book was amazing, The plot twists were really something, this book is recommended for someone who loves a not-so-cliché story, this book is really well structured, loved it!

Bruno Lo Presti: Not too many novels have been able to maintain my attention and curiosity like this one. Love, mystery, action, drama and fantasy encompassed all in this superb novel. Highly recommended. Hope for the sequel.

Lydia Walters: Would like to hear more about A.B.s adventures. Also more adventures from other members of the family. As you can tell, I haven't had enough of this book! Will most likely read again, enjoyed it so much!

Pille: I really like the depth of the story within all the crazy charavters and the madness that is the plot. There are crazy stunts and lots of growing up and romance in a mindbogglinfly awesome package. I was hooked from page 1 and just could not put away the book. I laughed like crazy and yet it touc...

Alkira Joan: I am so posses off this is aan great story but you hang end it their I hope you write a sequel or a few.there were a few spelling errors and typos but it doesn't take from the plot.the plot is intriguing and unique.I love itBut write a sequel possesses