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cassandraranger: I love this book so much ! Honestly I've read this book like 5 and it keeps me on my toes each time ! I've read soo many werewolf stories and they're usually all the same but this story brings a new original twist to werewolf's and I love it ! My favourite book for sure !!

sareem ather: this book I not only enchanting but bewitching . I never read such a great book . I could keep I eyes of this book because I was eager to find out what was ahead of me. the ending a good twist , will be waiting eagerly for the next release

Bdesjardind: Great story-loved the creative characters and their interaction. Liked the different powers used for each character and excellent clash of food and evil. Would definitely recommend and can't wait to see what happens next!

Emerson Lake Palmer: I keep thinking about arranged marriages, dock-based communities, and the reason one lives. All of these issues and concepts and more are the direct result of reading Jacob Fulton's absolutely fantastic novel The Weight of Stones.A work like this deserves to bring its creator success. One can onl...

boredperson: Dude this book is SOOOO GOOD. I almost cried so many times! I love all the author's books. The plot of this story is something quite unique. People don't normally write about these types of things and interracial relationships. I'm honestly amazed by how good this book is.