Hello my name is Clairisa Phoinix a fantasy writer from South Africa. I hope you guys like my stories and I can't wait to discover some amazing stories in return.

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Semisaur Chronicles

This Story is like Harry Potter but with Dinosaurs or Semisaurs. It has a twist on The Chosen One in that the main character and the Antagonist switches roles and that was interesting to see usually it's the other way around. The Antagonist Ben really loves to make Gregory's life miserable even though he has everything that Gregory aspires to have. Ben doesn't physically bully his targets but do it physiologically which does more harm. But I think Ben was just a little bit jealous of Gregory because he has more freedom than Ben. I like the uniqueness and creativity the Author has put in the Story for example I loved Secound Space, Holo Net, and even the Clawser's and the unique world of the Semisaur's which I truly loved exploring. I like how the character's Creta, Ankitt, Micheal and even Fiona had played a apart into bringing Gregory out of his shell. Also liked the aspect that the Semisaur's have to work hard for their transformations and that it doesn't happen automatically. I would've like to have known more about the Feathered and who was really behind it but I guess we will have to wait for a sequel.

Although it's a Children Book everyone can enjoy the adventures of the Semisaur Chronicles.

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