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Countdown To Murder

When Miriam wakes up from a coma she discovers that she is afraid of the man who calls himself her husband.

She cannot remember any thing about him - as the tory unfolds fhe becomes aware that he best friend Rhoda Rhoda has a complicated relationship with fhe coma girl and becomes very jealous ewhen Andrew begins a flirtation with a studett who subsequently has his baby, Rhoda becomes insanely jealous
- it is Orthelian in its intensity and she shoots andrew dead.
The author has a light touch and has the reader intrigued throughout.
Andrew keeps the reader guessing by confusing his lleaving door open ahen they should be lockred, having a basemen put into the house, leaving lights on when he should be home, misinterpreting messages so you think she's stupid etc
He only married her for her money..

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