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The Pebble

Jesse, the main character, is not what most readers (or writers) would call impressive or hero material. A pebble is not even close to what anyone would call an obstacle. Have you ever tried to do something with a pebble in your shoe? It isn't big, it isn't that bad, it won't injure you... but it can stop you. That is persistence. The same pebble may have originated from a river, which has eroded away mountains and fields... but the pebble only lightly changed itself and persisted.
Through all the struggle, pain, and misfortune, Jesse is able to endure. It seems just barely at times, but she always finds the strength for just one more push... and then one more after that. She is no longer young, burdened with children and a disabled husband, and still manages to persevere. This is persistence! Jesse is the pebble.
The story is amid edits but is very worth the read. I hope to see the work completed soon.

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