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A Gem of Transformative Works

I was hoping a fancy, wordy title would help convey a sense of seriousness when in reality I spent most of my first read-through of this series screaming, then crying, then screaming again. The attention to detail-- especially with something so well known like merpeople-- is amazing. They have their own language, their own social structure, their own unique biology, it all felt very real and worked out. It felt like a mer!Haru prompt taken seriously.

The writing was also excellent-- the confused passion in Makoto's bathtub, the heartbreak of Haru's absence and later capture, their reunions, Makoto's death and surprise revival, none of the twists felt fake or over-the-top. Characterization was excellent and I loved Makoto's relationships with everyone around him.
This was honestly such a pleasure to read and reread. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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