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I have read this story so many times over the years that I find myself at a loss on where to begin.

"If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" (IOTWCS for short) is such a well written story and certainly showcases Marsh's skill. Often, writers have the ability the mold their characters in any way they like to fit their needs. The issue that is raised with fanfiction is that the characters are already established and a writer must strive to write them in a situation that is original and new, while keeping the characters true to themselves. Countless times, writers will unknowingly alter these character's personality so much that they are unrecognizable. It takes true skill to have an established character react in accordance with their personality, while being in a completely different world from the one they were created in. Marsh not only succeeds at this but goes beyond any and all expectations.

IOTWCS uses a trope that his been used so many times before but is still original. Set in the zombie apocalypse, the story follows Soul and Maka, strangers who met while Soul is tied to a tree. After an unsettling first meeting, the two journey together trying to find safer and safer areas while they look for other survivors. The world is broken and so are its inhabitants and Marsh does an excellent job at portraying the grief that comes with watching your world fall apart. She also excels at showing the struggle that comes with struggling to remember ones humanity in world where that could kill you. There is a good balance of "good" and "bad" people in this story, but it also shows the complexities behind the idea of "good and bad." This story reminds readers that good people do bad things in the name of survival.

Overall, IOTWCS offers readers everything they could ask for. It not only has romance, but also a compelling plot, a realistic display of raw human emotion, and a funny sense of humor.

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