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The Dark Specter from the Devil''s Playground

First off, I really love the title. It makes a person want to open it up and jump right in.
There were a few story logic issues, here and there, and only a few minor grammar things, but they did no take away from the flow of the story. It was a really quick read, right up to where the family safely packed up and moved away from the haunted property.

I had a few character issues with the young narrator. When does a fourteen year old say to her mother, I need to get over my anthropophobia? .And, if she is this intelligent, why doesn't she display it in future dialogue? She also uses the word cryptic within the narrative. It is suppose to be from a fourteen year old's perspective, not the age of the writer..

I would also ask the author to dig deeper into research. She refers to witches as pagan witches. All witches are pagans.

All in all a fun little story that even a child would enjoy. I recommend reading it.

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