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Preliminary note: english isn't my first language, so I've surely missed some nuances of his rich writing :( That said, I love this story! Beyond the entangling plot (please, please, go ahed with it!!) and the curiosity raised about the world where the story takes place (what kind of magic? and races? and politics? and languages? at the end of first chapter you - the Reader - feel the urge to find a guidebook of this world)... I clearly fell all the experience in re-enacting of the author: I simply love the care used to describe the thickness or the fineness of a cloth, the horrible feeling of soaked wool hoses around your legs, the weight of a buckler, the heavenly smell of the warm inside of a inn during a storm, the maintenance of equipment, the precise description of fights (and if the reader is a little bit into martial arts - historical or modern - or has a little familiarity with duels and sword bouts... it's pure pleasure!)... Research and sources are indispensable for historical writing, as Cameron often reminds here and there on his blogs, but... all these are things that could be depicted in the best way only if experienced directly from the writer himself, as in Cameron's case.

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