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Left in suspense & wanting more...

What better way to entice an audience to read a horror story with such a calm, peaceful, & childlike title such as Lullaby? It drew me in and I was never one to read horror stories. However, once I started reading, I instantly felt as though I was a part of the story. It is Joseph Pinto's extensive vocabulary and use of descriptive words which allowed me to feel the bars on the cage against my body; to smell the odors coming from the creature; to hear the lullaby being eerily sung by the old woman; to see the surroundings within & outside of the cage.
I found myself fearful in the cage, heart beating faster as I heard the old woman approaching singing the lullaby; hearing the creature's pounding footsteps & imagining the horrid smell that he brought along with him; knowing I wanted to help the unnamed heroine with whom I felt connected to. Perhaps, it was because of her assumed age and for her love of children that I have as well. My heart ached for all of them. My instincts to want to collaborate with her & her plan kicked into high gear. My thoughts had now turned to words.
This horror story still leaves me with questions about wanting to know more and is truly a work of art.

A "lullaby", known to soothe young children, as it should, did just the opposite.
Thank you Joseph Pinto for giving me a new found interest in horror stories. I now have another genres to add to my collection.

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