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The Killer 10

This was a fun read. The dialog was strong, especially between Mike and his roommate was especially good. Nobody would actually cook rotten meat, though. Maybe just have Mike notice in passing that it smells a little off but he's in too much of a hurry to start cooking anything else so just eats it anyway.

The description of the alleged killer was a a little cliche (big bald guy wearing a wifebeater, srsly?) and pretty much gave away that he was not in fact the killer, so you might tone that down a bit. Loved the creepy homeless man and his predictions! That was actually probably the scariest part of the story for me. The "I am not a bird!" was a nice touch, since as soon as Mike goes into the stall in the rest area bathroom and he hears a bird, you're immediately on edge waiting for the ball to drop.

Loved the twist at the end, that was excellent. I'd figured that the girl was the killer pretty much right away, but then to have it turn out that what she really does is terrify men so they turn on each other -- that's pretty brilliant. (Though one does wonder how the cops never found a single trace of the eleven men who actually committed all these murders, and if they did, why they think it's a single killer rather than several copycat ones. Still, since the story is mentioned as circulating on Facebook there's a good chance that a lot of rumor is mixed in with the facts -- after all, they don't call it FACTbook ;)

A good story, well told.

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