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The Potential this has is crazy!

This isn’t my usual genre so I can’t really compare it to other, similar, books, but on that note, lets begin! The description of the unsettling and disturbing parts so far are off the scale. I felt incredibly uncomfortable (in the best way), so much so I struggled to continue reading at points. I’m instantly intrigued by the mother and what has led her to be killing her children and why. On top of this, I’m curious about why Ana was spared where the others were not, why the mother is so loving to her and yet is a killer. All in all, the plot is fabulous.
The style of writing is extremely good as well. At no point did I want to stop because of the writing style or quality (which is common for me). On top of this, the pace is just emasculate. I’ve found its such a hard thing to get write from my experience so good on you!
There were a few grammar errors (for example capitals at the start of dialogue) but that didn’t deter me! For some suggestions I would say try to add a little more description. I didn’t know what Ana’s room looked like, nor the kitchen, and the physical descriptions are left for the reader to fill in. Not a lot of description is needed but I would suggest a bit more for this story. Finally, I’d suggest to add a couple trigger warnings in your description or at the start of specific chapters. This is mainly because of the sheer quality of the story that the murder in it can be triggering for some (it was on the verge for me) so I think that would be really helpful for your readers.

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