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Imaginative Story of Subcreation.

. I am going to say a few words of the novel The Jacob`s Ladder. I am going to give several clues. This novel it is not seem it. I speak with the writers and I try to persuade to include this novel in the shelve of Alternate History. This story happens during the Napoleonic Wars. The beginning caught to the reader since the start of the story until the end of the story (the story make short to the reader). There are an interesting dialogue between José Gutiérrez who support the French troops, and Charles Houy the Chuan (who seem of a Balzac`s novel). This novel has two fantastic characters Luis and Lydia in different levels. A part the novel has excellent supporting characters.
Napoleon is the villain and he search and object who gave the victory, but it is not the villain of the story. His privilege has Blatsov who drinks a lot of the Nazgul. One of the scenes remembers to the readers to the attack of the Nazgul against the Prancing Poney in Bree. This is not the only literary effect to Manuel Alfonseca. Gerard the especial agent of Napoleon is inspired in the SM Brigadier Gerard created by Arthur Conan Doyle.
The author describes fantastically the European cities who passed Luis Salamanca, Lisbon, Brussels, the field of Waterloo, Aachen and the castle-prison of Montsegur. This novel has very much ingredients of the Hitchcock movies, and the spy novels, where the Jacob Ladder`s played the role of Macguffin with adventures in several stairs.
The novel passed the category of historical novel, alternate history, to something near to the science fiction but that I have never seen in the literature genres. Where, the author appears victorious. One of the author take a decision that in the future can affect to the real world. Novel innovate, original the author cannot miss fortunately the author translate to English in Kokobooks . Other of the strong points of the novel is the use who did the author of the scholasticism in this case who uses Boethius and Saint Thomas Aquinas. The best in my opinion are the final chapters about all, the prologue. Nobody wrote a brilliant allegory like this I invite to the readers let to be guided by the wise narrative of Manuel Alfonseca.

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