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Enthralling Doesn't do it Justice

I started this book as any other, wondering how long it would take to really get immersed into the book.

Not since reading The Martian by Andy Weir have I been so captivated within the first chapter of a book. I read till the end of chapter one and felt compelled to read on, I had so many questions I needed explaining, then I realised that has come from how it is written. Everything is drenched in beautiful and elegant detail that the realm of the book takes place from the very start.

For me this book feels like my childhood, it reminds me of the old RPG video games that they no longer make, I am that curious child again, craving to find out as much as I can about everyone and everything you encounter. Just read the first chapter and you'll find yourself asking questions that only the rets of the book can answer.

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