I'm Kailyn, a nineteen year old writter, an avid reader and I'm currently in a very serious relationship with my bed.

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Loved it!

The story of Anomaly was both heart wrenching and beautiful. I almost wanted to cry as I read about how sad her life had been thus far, with only a hazy drug induced view of something that isn't even a life at all. She may have been alive, but she was certainly not living and it just broke my heart.

However, in her last hours, she is given something she hasn't known in a very long time; kindness. It's so beautiful and I found myself sniffling a little as I read about the sweet and caring clerk. The moment when she asks Anomaly if there is anything she can do for her and is met with the seemingly simple request of a haircut, it was so touching.

I loved this whole story and the supremely creative idea of a society that cherishes height above all else. As crazy as that concept sounds, I found it totally believable and thanking my lucky stars that I didn't live in that society.

The only critique I can give is that there were a couple of words missing and a few spelling errors, things that can be easily taken care of with a quick edit. Other than that, I loved the style in which you wrote and felt the short story flowed really well. The story really made me feel for Anomaly and all other short people in this made up world. Excellent!

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