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Quite a story!

I really enjoyed this story. The author has a talent for moment-to-moment description and character analysis. I could imagine every bit of the experience. The first chapter started off with a sizeable description of two of the characters by an omniscient narrator, which I think could have been worked into the story later on, so as to not slow down the action and urgency the first few chapters worked to build, and I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but the writing style kept me reading. After chapter three, the story really comes into it's own, takes on a strong identity and makes the chaos its own, powerfully conveying dark humor, uncertain motivations and heroic realizations. I really enjoyed the characters, their chemistry and the plot. The author is not afraid to surprise the reader in shocking ways, which I loved!

One area that I would have liked to see more done is character set up and growth. We are introduced to two character's backstories in the first chapter, and they are contemplative enough that I wanted to see their beliefs challenged in ways that would reshape their personalities. Unfortunately, the story did not take this approach, and only dealt with their actions that directly contributed to the main plot while passing over a few philosophical asides. But, something tells me that this story was meant to have characters that are fleshed out enough to have you rooting for them and not ones that take attention away from the ridiculous charm of the plot. At least that's what I thought, and it worked very well.

Again, I thoroughly enjoyed the read! Thank you and good luck!

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