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This has been a really good read so far! I'm not usually one to read something that's incomplete, but the first page with Mikoto thinking she had to have a grandbaby with green eyes ended up hooking me in!

I absolutely love Sakura in this fic. She is the complete embodiment of what would have happened if Inner Sakura had been in charge the the whole time. Her lines are beautiful and her attitude makes the interactions with Sasuke perfect!

Moreover, I'm enjoying the slow progression you've established of two strangers creating a deeper, more meaningful relationship. That's usually really hard to do without suddenly jumping the shark or dragging it out for ages and ages...

I love the Suigetsu/Karin side-pairing. There's not enough of that in the fandom I find. And thank you for writing Sakura and Karin actually getting along. Aside from her obsession with Sasuke (which I choose to believe was a side-effect of her chakra sensing powers), Karin is one of my favourite characters. I always figured she and Sakura would actually get long if not for the issue of Sasuke.

Also, loved the Itachi/Sakura interaction. It was a nice change of pace from the "patronizing but loving pseudo-older brother" relationship I see a lot. Instead, they're well on their way to a mutually respectful friendship, I can tell.

Oh, and the scene with Sakura calling out Fugaku? Absolute gold.

I eagerly await more of this story! Thank you for sharing it and good luck with your writing.

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