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This story as usual when written by the two authors who worked together to make it, was awesome. The plot was interesting and unique, keeping your interest unlike many of the cliche plot lines that are floating around not only on the web but in bookstores too. Not to mention their writing styles work great together and is again unique compared to other books or stories. It very much reminds of reading a manga (Japanese comic basically) without the pictures, something you don't often see turn out well but in this case works wonderfully to help the reader create a full picture of what's going on in their head. I also really love that the chapters are the length of what you would see in an actual book. A lot of stories written that people self publish on places like amazon have a pitiful amount of pages in total and barely any story to them at all, yet expect you to pay $7 for them. This story would totally be worth that amount of money as not only does it have over 30 chapters to it, as I mentioned before they are also the length of a real book. Part of the rating question is technical skills so I feel I should include why I only gave that a four. While the grammar is spot on I feel punctuation wasn't as good as it could have been. Everyone makes mistakes but the lack of commas where they should have been happened too often for my liking. There were times I had to read a sentence two or three times to figure out where the pauses were supposed to go so that the sentence would make sense. That however is my only complaint for the story and is something that if this story is published is easily fixed. Overall I love this story and how it was like I was reading an actual book that had already been published rather than a contest entry.

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