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Dear LM

OMG Heart Heart Give me a moment , I need to find words

My heart is beating like crazy , tears are running down from my eyes , I have romantic song playing and watching the rain from my window Day Dreaming Gosh this has to be the best ending EVER Heart Heart It was so beautiful and magical and my heart is beaming of hapiness Heart (that 's what u say right ?)

The wedding was beautiful , every world of these two stole my breath away Heart Heart Every world of these 2 touched my heart Embarrassed The vovs , their love , her dress , Ranveer 's cuteness, dance , pregnancy etc everything was so perfect.

No one could rewrite there story this beautiful LM ,and you gave us such a beautiful story Hug Hug Milliones thanks would not be enough LM

What more is it for me to say , I just don't have any words anymore for your brillancy LM . And that is a huge thing because I am a chatterbox LOL

Love you so much LM , you are my favourite author and never let me down. Just makes me fall in love with your story more and each time I don't think I can love you more than I already you keep proving me wrong.

Love you , always Heart Heart

Love from an emontional



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