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It needed more.

I LOVED this story... It was well written and beautiful from a youngsters view point,
but I was sadly left disappointed at the end. (Heartbroken for Henry even)
I hope you plan on doing a 2nd story that concludes these two's connection.

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Overall Rating
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Fantastic story

OK so I've read this story before through Deviant Art and on Fiction press.
I've seen it grow, change and get better with editing (although it still needs more work)
I got to admit this is still one of my favorite LGBTQ stories I've gotten to read in the
last 10 years.

I met the author back in 2009 in Ottawa Ontario and I have to admit she's quite
the character. You need to learn who she is in order to get why she writes
like she does. She's truly a breath of fresh air, with a touch of glitter. (She gets into
everything and you just can't forget her LOL)

I recommend this story to ANYONE who is struggling with coming out.
To those who need a bit of romance in their life. For those who like the drama
and for those who just enjoy a story with a wonderful plot line where it's not all
about the smut. It has a story line that's easy to follow and it's well thought out.
I can let others know now. If you want to read more of her series, look her up on
Fiction Press or google Steppin' Out. You'll find the rest of her books which are
done up to book four and most of book 5 and just as well written as this one
(yes, grammar errors and all LOL)

Aj... keep it up girl You'll go far!
<3 Michie

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