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There is no other title to give this review. This was the most beautiful, heartbreaking, tragic story I have ever read. I will admit I cried multiple times over the course of this story and cheered (when the occasion called for it) There is so much character development throughout the entire story line and you can actually see it happening. The OC's were perfect and not just some throwaway characters that authors will do. No these characters had depth and I will say I personally liked *spoiler* Death a lot *spoiler* He is probably the best OC villain I have ever seen in the world of fan fiction. I really wish I could see more like him around the block. Mira Lee, And Natsu! Oh my there isn't any words to describe what he went through and how he dealt with it all. His character development, I will say it again, was FLAWLESS! I don't know how you do it, but it's amazing. You did a phenomenal job with this one and with the whole story in general. You definitely didn't pull any punches with this one. Keep up the good work!

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