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It Is Indeed A Hidden Gem!!!!

"Empires Of Faith" is the best Islamic fiction I have read! by "Islamic" is doesn't mean that it's only meant for Muslims,no!any individual can read it and I'm sure you gonna enjoy it as much as I did.!!This is the book which gonna keep you engaged until you reach the end of it.Author has done an amazing job,the scenes are so well described that you feel like you're actually there witnessing every moment.The book portrays different persons' journey set for the same mission,and the best thing is that Author has worked on every individual characters.You get to see sweet sibling bond,friendship,a cute (Halal)love story,and mostly ACTION!It is truly entertaining and equally informative one!Through out the book there are beautiful reminders which will enhance your knowledge :) while reading this book I cried,I laughed,I got excited,my heart rates were beyond normal limits at every action packed scenes!all in all I really ENJOYED it!!I would love to see this on my bookshelf (In Sha Allah) !wouldn't mind reading it again and again!

I wish this wins because It is indeed a Hidden Gem!

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