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Amazing so far!

This story so far is great. The plot and setting are intriguingly unique, and i love the eloquent style the author uses. Desert_Son, you're doing a great job so far. I love Muhammad's character already, he seems to be a a grounded character drawn into everything and this will be a heroic journey for him. Though I do wonder why his wife couldn't go with him or he couldn't stay until the baby was born or something. I guess i'll find out. Deeply invested now, can't wait to read on and I hope this wins, i would love this on my bookshelf! Definitely recommend it to anyone who loves action


WOW, it's only getting better. The different parts and unique settings are refreshing. Muhammad is still my favorite so far but I like this Ishaq guy and Gabriel as well. the parts with General Isa were quite interesting, and surprisingly fun. The different sagas are very entertaining and I do hope to see more soon.

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