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Her Omega Review

Overall, "Her Omega," was a good read. The plot had romance and intrigue, with two worlds--one werewolf, one with dating--being introduced at once. Aside from the occasional grammatical error, my only problem with the book was exposition and character development. After her initial introduction to the gym to train for the Olympics, Riley trains only a couple of times before her big appearance at the Games themselves, with neither factoring much into the overall plot despite being Riley's dream. And that's OK. Riley's dream of the Olympics is quickly sidetracked by her discovery of the Wyte pack and the society of werewolves, a plot point that has the potential to be fascinating...if it were explained more. Aside from Chase being the Beta and Riley's parents being the Alphas, and Mason being the Omega, almost no details are revealed about the hierarchy of the pack, or the moon goddess, or why each wolf has a second persona in their heads, a persona whose interactions with Riley (or any of the other werewolves) are random and sporadic. All the story needs is a little explanation as to why the werewolves have these quirks to their abilities and how packs work, and the story itself would be golden. Lastly, pacing. Overall, the story has an inconsistent pacing that can get a little confusing at times. Events that appear to be important (such as the battle with Luna pack) receive about two pages' worth of information, whereas Riley spends chapter after chapter sleeping with and getting to know Mason. Again, this is fine. It is a romance novel, after all. However, the story may benefit from more information in certain areas of the plot and further emphasis on areas of the story that truly cause a change in all characters; events in the "everything is different now," category. Overall, good story. I think Her Omega has the elements and potential in it to be great, with only a few changes. Keep writing!

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