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The Best Story I've Come Across...

The book is the ultimate and epic saga of love; true love between the two people. Two people who were destined to love each other, born to love each other! This thrilling and exciting journey of their love makes us fall in the love with characters over and over again. Their happiness, smile, amusement, joy, anger, sorrow becomes ours. We laugh with them, we cry with them, we blush with them, we worry with them, we gets excited with them. Every emotion of theirs becomes ours!

The writer have just done the magic; magic of bewitching us with the enchanting tale of the two lovers who were ready even to sacrifice themselves for the sake of other, who loved each other like crazy, who were always with each other through every thick and thin. They breathed for each other, lived for each other's happiness. They have loved each other to such a extent that their hearts can't even beat without each other. If one stops another also refuses to beat. This beautiful and ravishing tale has been narrated by the writer in the most dazzling way ever possible.

This is the best of the love stories I have ever come across. I have not been in love with any other novel like this. To be honest, I had started reading it on a casual note, but till I can reach upto the ending of first chapter I had been yearning for the more and finally ended in reading entire novel in a night!! I have been addicted to it, reading it whenever I feel down and sometimes just to make my free time gracious. I am very thankful to the author for sharing such a great work with us. The novel connects us to the world of love in such a way that we never ever want to come out of it! It reminds me of something I had heard once which I am writing below-

We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to hear. But only one heart. Why? Because the other was given to another...

With love

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