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You should know, I am blunt and brutally honest, though some might call me critical or even pessimistic. I believe the truth needs to be heard, however harsh it may be, or however wonderful it may be.

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Soon, i hope

im just reviewing this cos somebody gave it a really bad review, like 1 star, which i dont get
so the overall rating was 2.5 stars even though it was only by 2 people
it put me off but thank god i read the reviews and decided to give it a go, cos its just sooo good.
only 11 chapters right now but its soooo good
dunno how the plots gonna turn out to be, but i think itll be great
and even if its not and i hate it, then i wouldnt give it less than 3 stars cos the writing style, is just ugh, amazing!
and so is the character development so far
i cant wait to see how this goes
will definitely update this review once the story's over or almost done or so
but the updates are pretty frequent so i hope thatll be soon
so yes, give this book a go
its really good

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what can i saaay, except... i swear that song will haunt me for the rest of my life

I should've reviewed this book back when it was still fresh in my head, but no matter it hasnt been that long. you know why? cos this goddess here updates like almost everyday and more often than not, multiple times a day. so for those of you who hate waiting ages for the next chapter...... (READ THIS BOOK)
in order that is
but anyway, goddess hedone has seriously outdone herself with this one. and thats saying something!
annabel isnt the typical woman oud read about. there is so much more to her and the author has definitely captured the complexity of humankind with this book.
i could easily understand annabel without ever having been in a similar situation. shes not that bitchy woman from the previous book. as i said, theres so much more complexity to it.
the character development, plot twists, etc just literally inserts you into that world where you can wander around in annabel's shoes. its absolutely amazing, stunning, breathtaking, and mind blowing.
what more can i say?
only criticism: there are some typos, as would be expected. but i said typos not grammatical mistakes. these can easily be removed through editing, etc.

at first, yeah, when goddess hedone said the next book would be about annabel, i was like ugh seriously?
but shes done a wonderful job with this one. and it is most certainly my most favourite book ever. yes, ever.

cos aaaahh! its soooooo good!!!!!
do you get it?
oh, you dont?
wait. I've got more:
ok ok deep breaths. deeeep breaths. calm down.
eeeee-ahm. well, you see, um, its really... very... uh.... um...
(just admit it woman!)
i dont have have the words to describe it! seriously.
ive done my best. i know for a fact it isnt enough, but you'll find out what i mean when you read it

so read the book, you fool!
what are you waiting for?

damn i need amnesia to experience that again
though lets hope i havent cursed myself. lol

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Poor attempt at a story

The grammar is perfectly fine, however, the plot was not only predictable, but it seemed the writer was just trying really hard for the whole basic concept of an issue to be resolved. It simply screams at me, ''I'm trying to create a plot twist or problem with a resolution."
Additionally, poor character development, flow, dialogues, and emotional understanding.
I think the english is not beyond a highschool level, and even then with average grades in highschool.
The author should take writing classes if she wishes to create a good book.
I only finished the book to read the outcome (despite predicting what it was), and to know what I was dealing with when reviewing.

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Very well-written

The plot is connected to the first book's story line which creates a sense of fulfillment. It's definitely not boring at all, but very interesting and different from the previous book.
The character development is spot on and the personalities unique, complex, and captivating, making it easier to imagine.
The writer is clearly very talented and the book certainly deserves more reads and reviews.
There are some typos, but no major grammar or punctuation mistakes, etc
You should read this book, it's everything i could ask for in a book!

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Elaine is an amazing writer and to be honest i have no words to describe it.
i could easily compare her books to best selling, award winning ones. and i did while reading like literally sometimes id think this this sounds sooo much like say veronica roth, stephanie garber etc.
i think that everybody NEEDS to read her books, some of her other ones at least if not this alien one.
So just fricken start reading it cos i swear it will become one of your most favorite romance/erotica books, with your other favs being elaine's other books ofcourse.

im serious

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