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"An amazing short story"

This is a story of reaching for your dreams ,and not giving up!. The Characters are unique.
Prose is a writer she wishes to have her hard work read " Tripping over poppies". Her friend Ink is worried that the publishers will hurt Prose with a rejection. Prose sends her Manuscript to the publishers any ways. The story then turns to the publishers. Edit is a plain Man who works for the publisher doing corrections on the writers work to make them so that they please the readers. Then one day the head reviewer calls him to his office ,and tells edit he is making him a reviewer. Edit is given a desk piled high with Manuscript's , a mountain of reading to do. But Edit is happy as all his has to do is read the Manuscripts no more corrections to have to do. He only reads them decides if they fail or pass and send them on for publication or reject letters. Edit picks one at random it is called "Tripping over Poppies" The story touches his heart , and he sends it on for publication. Next thing he knows he is being called into the Big Wigs office the Big Wig yells at him calling Prose's Manuscript rubbish! He threatens to let Edit go then changes his mind . Big Wig makes Edit take a letter to prose personally. When Edit delivers the letter he tells Prose he really did like her story , and had sent it for publication. Only Big Wig rejected it. Prose tells him she will not give up!. This is a story of determination and courage. It is a story to all the ones who dream of writing a message to not give up on your dreams!. This is a must read story!

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