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The Neapolitan City'- Based on Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi- An Indian DS

To start with, the plot of the entire story has been intriguing throughout and has kept the readers, personally me, feel great while reading them. The entire story is woven around Ranveer and Ishani, protagonists and their journey of their love life. It has been such a pleasure reading them as it was not over the top, but realistic.

The angst, passion the protagonists share was worth reading and the credit definitely belongs to the writer. It is greatly crafted and the expressions used were also catchy that the readers were able to feel for the fictitious characters, which is the most important task for the writer. The five elements signifying their eternal bond stood out, according to me. The promise ring in the park, signifying earth; the proposal on the air balloon signifying air and ether; the marriage proposal in their garden with the fire lamps signifying fire; and their immediate marriage at the lake signifying water. This made me completely awestruck and shows the efficacy in the particular writer.

Why I feel that this should be given a special place-

The catchy dialogues, the atmosphere of the entire story, the smoothness in writing by bringing out a striking difference with the transitions, the efficiency in writing, the flow of emotions, the angst and the passion between the protagonists is fresh and revitalizing and above all, the five elemental significance of their wedlock.

Why the author/writer of the story deserves it-

The writer of the story has brought in minute detailing in the story by providing the readers with answers for each and every question of them.

The writer has sculpted the story in such a way that it is comprehensible to all age groups, which is yet an important task for any writer.

The writer has understood the complexity of each and every character in the story and has worked accordingly, giving equal importance to every character.

The writer has mastered with emotions, especially with angst and pain, which is hard to master.

The writer has not used too much of complex words yet, fascinating ones. The choice of vocabulary is astounding and thus, becoming one of the most eligible writers to win this competition.

Overall, this FanFic was definitely worth the time and it left me spellbound.

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