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Oh, God, my /eyes/

So. After a few chapters, I started studiously avoiding looking at the cover picture. Halfway through the final chapter, I was slightly unnerved by the sight of my sweet little kitty rolling on the carpet and play-pricking me with her tiny claws. At the very end, I literally thought I saw something moving in the corner of my eye, near the floor.

I don't know what does it, maybe it's your matter-of-fact, somewhat clinical writing style, but it's like this story taps into the kind of childhood fears that I am still very much a subject to. I'm actually cold as I type this, and I wasn't a minute ago. I'll just finish by saying that I'm very glad I'm never alone in the house after dark, and that I wan't to go to where someone else is very, very quickly. Fans of under-the-bed dread /must/ read this story. I have to go now bye.

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