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This entire series has been beautifully crafted. I admire your descriptive and writing skills along side the changes in setting and atmosphere. You brought out just enough for suspension and curiosity. It made me create theories. And your plots were deceiving and surprising in the best way. I love Addison and how she becomes more fearless every time and yet still has the normal human disabilities which make it realistic. Minnie is a another great character. She is an impossibly unbelievable loyal friend, till death and beyond, pun intended. Dimitri, I find curious only because of his previous resentment at her 21st. He knew who she was and what she meant to him, so what was the purpose of scaring her and making her fear him? Nevertheless, he is a sweet spirit. Fabian, I love his character. He is the troubled one and you displayed his emotions, thoughts and slip-ups very nicely, where you let us see him, internally. I am also glad he got his peace. Of course, I find the two other brothers humorous and the other characters a great addition. I love the ending, the fact that Addison ended it all and the great plot twist where his kiss was the cure all along.
Lover of your plots and words,

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