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Over all, the story was really, well, interesting- the plot and the idea of it was like, (it's late and literally the only word I can think of is interesting, but like, good interesting! Like, "all I want to do is think this over"-interesting!) interesting. Literally the only part of the story that I guess, bother is a good word to use, bothered me was there really was no explanation, no "this is why things are the way they are"- such as Anomaly's, and everyone else who didn't fit societal views of greatness or success, which in all fairness, are featured in our own society with beauty standards, and the whole thing animals have with runts and stuff is like a valid explanation too, but... To the point of expiration dates? How does one "expire" in the center? How are "people" given expiration dates- did Anomaly's brother have one before he proved it to fit societal values? Is it something everyone is given and the ones who do not meet it well before their expiration time get it burned off without ever going to the center? How exactly does height drive a person's social standing if everyone is like pretty tall?

I get the point of it being vague in a sense, as Anomaly loses herself, and she really wouldn't want to know about what happens when she expires in a sense, but society would have to know, right? What would push society into such behaviors? But then again, that's probably me overthinking it. Either way, The Anomaly is a interesting (again with the word interesting!), unique tale that honestly ends in a way that usually annoys me but just felt like, the perfect way to end the story,

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