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Talented Is Just The Beginning...

This piece of writing is more than just letters across a screen. Its more than just 40 chapters. Its a different world. And in that world, you get to experience so many things. I mean, you're practically sucked in there and once you just keep reading it gets harder and harder to get out.

This story overall is just magnificent. You won't find any other one like it. Its just way too unique and AWESOME!

This writer's plot is pure genius. Its that one book you've never seen before. And the story just moves so effortlessly, pouring out different times and stories that sometime you might even feel like you - yourself - are in the story.

Another thing I have to point out is that, you never have to worry about wanting to scream out in frustration when an author doesn't edit because this author is all about perfection. I'm sure you won't find more than one error.

You won't regret reading this soon to be ( In Sha Allah ) published novel :)

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