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Witch hunters, lush landscapes, corrupt government, a healer on the run, and a hero with gorgeous eyes? Yes, please! Historical fiction books that are during the Dark Ages time period have always been a favorite of mine so I was delighted that Escape from the Witch Hunters had a decidedly medieval flair to it.
Characters 5/5: Elizabeth Pau has done a great job giving each character in the story unique quirks and perks, even the animals. Evelyn, the main character, is well-developed and consistent. No ridiculously dramatic mood swings (a HUGE pet peeve of mine) out of the blue. She is innocent and cute. Gillian is a charming young man with all you want in a main character, good-looking, a skilled fighter, smart, and kind. His musings to himself are adorable and hilarious. My one complaint against him was he seemed a little wishy-washy.
Plot 4/5: The storyline was exciting and never dragged even for a page. It is one exciting adventure or mishap after the other.
Flow 3/5: There were a few instances in the book where I feel the book needed to be edited a bit (some tweaks here and there with the tenses would really make this book read more smoothly).
Action 4/5: There are a lot of adventurous fights and edge-of-your-chair flights in this book. I only wish the author would spend more time “fleshing” the action out.
Humor 5/5: This book isn’t a comedy but the author has a wonderful sense of humor. She adds a small dab here and a dash there. The book is sprinkled throughout with witty and just plain funny comments that made me laugh out loud!
Overall, this book is a winner and I highly recommend it! Clean fantasy/romance books for the win!

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