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After reading this magnificent novel I feel empowered to write my book. Just when you thought you read it all another book comes out of the blue and hits you between the eyes. From the start I was captured. I was expecting non reflective mirrors, garlic and wolves and got soooo much more. From his magnetic eyes atop his story picture, I had no idea that was the author. The way Alicia slaughtered the pastor and his followers in the church of cult worshippers and from a drop of water in a puddle the demolished church rebuilt itself as if put in reverse solidified Dapharoah as a literary genius. The Realm Demon's dialogue made my skin crawl. The way he breathes life into his characters is unmatched by anyone. Airick Burgoos is my favorite character. The battle between Alicia and the Pregnant Vampire and how she sprinted along the branches of the forest had me floored. Outstanding!!!!!!!!!

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