Aaron Daniels

Someone who has always wanted to write books. And I thought it was about time to try and meet a community who enjoys books as much as me.x

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Going through your prologue it gave me the feeling of reading a dark poem or something like that, and that was actually kind of cool for me as I don't usually read things like that. Jumping into the middle of something like that can have its challenges of catching the readers attention and having them want more but I think the way you described parts of the scene make we want more. Now I don't know who your target audience is, whether this is a book for young adults or for older people, but while I was reading your prologue I stumbled on some words. These large and very high level words might give your book an air of sophistication to it and if this book targets a more scholarly crowd then it's perfect. But casual readers might turn away from this book because of the words and them not understanding them. Just something to think about and good luck.

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